How to Sort Out Route Overlapping Problems in Eagle PCB

Often when you are routing a wire in Eagle PCB, you come to a point where you cant do a route for a component as it may be obstructed by another route or maybe a pad. If you have a board with lots of components on it, it would be time consuming to rearrange just to make space for this one component to be routed. In my example I don't want to route a red wire as it is way to close to another red wire which will be the ground signal, the signal I am dealing with is an input signal so I want to minimise any sort of interference (Picture 1).

A quick solution to this is to switch over to the schematic locate the wire in which you are having issues connecting (Picture 2)
* click on add a new component 
* type in bridge in the search bar and scroll down until you find "0r Jumpers" (Picture 3)
* add the component to the board and insert it into the wire you are having trouble with (Picture 4)
* Switch back over to the board and reposition and route it (Picture 5)




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