How to Speed Up Your Computer


Introduction: How to Speed Up Your Computer

This video shows you how to speed up your PC, as long as its windows XP,Vista, or Se7en(7).



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    You can also speed up computer apps by setting the priority to "high" on task manager

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    Adding RAM WILL speed up your computer. However, you may want to increase your virtual memory. Go to control panel, system properties. Click advanced then performance settings and then click advanced again. You can adjust your virtual memory here.
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    Can barely understand you at times. And it would be a good idea to write out the programs and steps involved for those who can't understand you. Maybe explain what those settings you are changing in CCleaner actually are? You are seemingly just clicking through not knowing what each item is. These tips can and will help 'speed up' your pc to a degree. Game booster will help those with 'big box store' PC's that are loaded with bloatware, but really doesn't impact expert users machines that much. It only released about 130mb of memory after being run on my machine which is already kind of setup for gaming as it is. Just remember to NOT install the toolbar it offers during installation.

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    thanks for the tips,will do in the future. As for gamebooster,this video was meant for people who dont really know much about computers.