How to Use Sony Vegas Pro

Introduction: How to Use Sony Vegas Pro

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This guide is a detailed look at the basics of editing a movie in Sony Vegas Pro. I am using version 10/1, However the guide applies to all versions of Sony Vegas Pro. Using this guide will assist you in making the best videos with the best editing software available.

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Step 1: Importing Clips

Lets start with the importing of clips to edit.

First click "File" at the top left corner of your screen.
Mouse over the option "Import"
A side menu will appear, Select "Media" which will open up a File Browser
Select the files you wish to import on the File Browser
After a short loading time, The files will show up in the media tab on the left side of the screen.
Now you can click and drag those imported clips onto the Timeline tracks to begin editing.
The next step will explain the usage of the Timeline tracks.

Step 2: Video and Audio Tracks

The Timeline has Video and Audio Tracks. These tracks contain your clips during the editing process.
Video Tracks hold Photos, Video and Text.
Audio clips hold Sound effects and music.
You can add an additional track to the Timeline by right clicking on an empty space on the timeline and selecting "Add video track"

Step 3: Special Effects

Now that you have some content on your timeline, effects can be added.
To add an effect, click the Effects tab on the left side of the screen to bring up the effects menu.
Look through the various types of effects and choose the one you want.
Click and drag the effect you want over the Video clip and it will bring up a menu to modify the ratios of the effect.
After tuning the effect to suit the situation, Close the effects modifier and the effect will be applied.
The next step will show how to "Mask" which is a very good feature of Sony Vegas

Step 4: Masking

Masking is a versatile tool, it can be used to cut out certain objects from a clip without a green-screen.
To Mask, First right click the video clip you want to Mask. Select the option "Video event pan-crop"
Check the box at the bottom marked "Mask"
Now you will have a toolbar for Masking. Select "Anchor Creation Tool"
Carefully use the Anchor tool to create points around the object you want to mask.
Once the entire object has been connected with Anchors, the program will detect the object and allow you to manipulate it.
Move the object anywhere you see fit and click Apply.
There are many advanced ways to animate a Masked clip using effects.
The Next step will be exporting the clip properly to a file that can put on

Step 5: Exporting

Now it is time to Export the edited video into a file that can be uploaded.
At the top-left corner of the screen, Select "File"
Then Select "Export" a option menu will appear.
Select the video format you want the program to export to. (.avi,.mov,.mpg,.mp4)
Now the video will render, This make take some time.
The video clip should now be on your desktop, Ready to watch or upload.

Step 6: End

That is the guide.
If you need more help. you could look up video tutorials on Youtube

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