How to Use a Nokia 5110 84X48 LCD Display With Your Arduino (It's Easy and Cheap!)




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Intro: How to Use a Nokia 5110 84X48 LCD Display With Your Arduino (It's Easy and Cheap!)

It's cheap and easy to add an 84X48 LCD to your Arduino project.  These Nokia 5110 displays are surplus from the Nokia phones of the late 90's.  While the tech is old, it makes a fantastic backlit display for your Arduino projects.  There is a ton of library support too.  

The cost - cheap!  You can buy these displays from Adafruit and Sparkfun for $10.  If you are really a cheapskate, these LCD's can be found on eBay for $3 apiece, shipped direct from China.

Watch the video to learn all about the LCD, libraries, hooking up the LCD to your Arduino, and writing the code to make it work.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I've worked with quite a number of these 5110 displays, and like you, have mostly
    gotten them cheap from China via eBay. One thing to be aware of -- some of these
    displays will *not* work with Vcc at 3.3 volts. Some require approximately 2.8 volts,
    and this is okay with 3.3v Vcc, using a voltage-divider pot. The ones that are problematic need 4 volts or more, which can be dropped from 5v Vcc, but from 3.3v you need a booster. Running these problem children at 3.3v gets you a very dim display.