Hunter Knife Paracord Sheath




This is an idea for those good knifes with cheap sheaths, this one uses 25 ft of 550 paracord.

Step 1: Get the Inside Cover

I used the one that comes with the original cheap sheath, because is a kind of hard rubberized plastic, if you have to make one has to be 1" longer than blade.

Step 2: Make the Starting Hole

make a hole between the end of the blade and the inside cover long enough to pass enough cord to cover the tip, but no too big to weaker the cover. I rounded a bit to make easier to wrap it.

Step 3: Wrapping the Tip

My inside cover is 8 1/4" so to cover it I used a lit more than 25' of 550 cord.
Start securing the tip with the hole using the middle of the cord and work around the tip passing inside an out making sure is tight but no too much ( depending the shape of your tip the wrapping will different or better ) the idea is to have a almost straight end to start the "snake knot" same as the bracelet just try to keep the end of the cord even as possible while wrapping.

Step 4: Keep Wrapping...

keep the snake knot, take in consideration the tension in the cord do not deform the inner cover. when you reach the end keep wrapping back over the first snake ( I think is call king cobra )

Step 5: Preparing Sheath Secure

I add a space between the two snakes in the "back" part of the cover to secure later the ends of the cord. keep wrapping until have about 1' Left of cord.

Step 6: Last Details

knit the end and make the safe for the knife ( I would like to have a monkey fist at the end but I didn't knot how to make at this point )

Step 7: Finish!!!

I'm really glad with it because feels more durable and holds the knife tight enough, and hold a good quantity of cord if I need it, plus 12' of lanyard that I made before.



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    5 Discussions

    cool man1

    3 years ago

    the only problem is that they ain't a belt loop but other than that its good


    Reply 4 years ago

    I used this instructable as it base, basically is a snake knot around a stick and knot on itself I think is call rattlesnake


    4 years ago

    Great work! Always wanted to make one and finally someone solved my "starting-problem" - the hole is a nice idea ;) thanks for sharing!