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Introduction: Hydraulic Forklift

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It is a model of a working forklift which explains the
hydraulics by using some syringes which moves the fork of forklift up and down and grabs the things which comes in front of him.

The one of the best part is that it can even move which is driven by a remote control Using single 6V motor and some gears

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Step 1: Components Needed:

The very first part is to know the items and component used in a project.

So here is the list of all the items I used up in this project:

ITEMS Quantity

1. 6V Motor x1

2. Syringe(10ml) x2

3. Syringe(5ml) x2

4. Plastic tube 2 meters

5. Toy Car Wheels x4

6. Wires 4 meters

7. Gears x3 (of different sizes)

8. Micro switch x2

9. Electric switch x1

10. Cardboard 1 square meter

11. Battery x1

12. Battery Cap x1(just to hold the battery)

13. LED x4 (2 red & 2 green I used it only so that car looks good)

Step 2: Base of the Car

First of all make a strong base of car with cardboard using given dimensions.

If the car is not too strong using one layer of cardboard then paste one more layer of cardboard over it to make it strong.

I also did this way to make base of my car strong.

Step 3: Attaching Wheels and Wiring Car

The next work is attach the front two wheels and back two wheels to attach with axle on

cardboard so that the wheels can move.

Next is to attach the 6V motor to the axle of the car with the help of gears as shown in figure and

wire the motor with LEDs and to remote so that the motor can move the car in front and back.

Step 4: Attaching Hydraulics to Forklift

Make the body of Fork as shown using cardboard and metal rods so the the fork can move left and right to grab the things in front of him.

Attach a long cardboard piece to to car so that the fork can glide on the cardboard piece Using Syringe.

Attach the 10 ml syringe on the long piece of cardboard which is attached to the car and the handle part of this syringe to the fork.

Now attach the 5 ml syringe to fork so that the hands of fork can move left and right.

Now connect these syringes to other syringes of same capacity using plastic tubes.

The law used here is Pascal's Law.

This will be more clear by seeing to the video by clicking Explanation of Hydraulics

Explanation of Hydraulic

Step 5: Testing

Now we have finished our work the only thing left is to check our forklift.

You can see the functioning of the car by watching the video


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