I Hate Eagle: Round Polygons in 4 Clicks!




I really hate Cadsoft Eagle!

But when a client lays a few thousand dollars on my company for a product design and specifies software to be used we are stuck. To me, Eagle is like an obstinate mule, others call it 'quirky'. I have a choice of six PCB CAD packages on my companies network ranging from Cadence through PCBExpress (we don't use their fab).

There is a demo on YouTube, but the video definition is poor and the techniques demonstrated lengthy.

Above is the completed artwork for a Infra-Red floodlight. Now for the copper pour.

Step 1: Choose Your Weapons

From the Toolbar (I have dragged mine to the top of the work area), select POLYGON, STRAIGHT LINE (Wire) and TOP LAYER.

Step 2: Draw a Diamond Shaped Polygon

Draw a diamond shaped polygon, just touching the DIMENSION line.

Double Click when completed and the solid line becomes a dashed line.

Step 3: Select the Info Tool and ...

Click on the Toolbar button with the big I - I for Information.

> Move your cursor to the selected quadrant of the polygon diamond and Click, changing the program's focus;

> RIGHT Click and select PROPERTIES from the drop-down menu. The PROPERTIES sub-menu appears;

> Locate the CURVE box and enter -90 (minus 90), then Click APPLY. The selected section of the polygon should move to near the DIMENSION line;

> Should the polygon section move inwards, delete the '-' (minus) symbol;

> SAVE your work!

Step 4: Clicks 2,3 and 4

Repeat the PROPERTY, CURVE for each quadrant.

SAVE your work!

Step 5: In the Event ...

Your Polygon isn't a good fit just within the DIMENSION line, you can use the MOVE tool to move the line in or out by clicking on the 'points' of the former diamond-shaped polygon.

It is also possible to drag the polygon until it is a perfect fit.

Step 6: The Polygon Is Complete!

With the DIMENSION layer turned off you can inspect your handiwork.

Step 7: Click the Ratsnest

Another quirk of Eagle is that it doesn't show the copper pour until the RATSNEST button is Clicked.

Now SAVE your work.

Then go FILE > OPEN RECENT and select the same file.

The copper pour will have disappeared.

Step 8: The Final Check

Open LAYERS, select ALL, Click on APPLY.

Your finished PCB layout should appear on the screen for a final check.


The photograph above shows the filled TOP, BOTTOM layers with poured copper all properly proportioned within the DIMENSION line.

Congratulations! You have tamed the Eagle and completed a professional circular polygon in 4 Clicks (plus a few).



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