I Made 3D Printed Lamp in Less Than a Weekend

Introduction: I Made 3D Printed Lamp in Less Than a Weekend

This lamp was a weekend DIY project.

What do you need:

Tools: - 3D modeling tool (I used VECTARY) - standard 3D printer (I used Zortrax with abs filament)

Materials: - sandpaper - Zortrax filament ABS Warm Grey - spray paint (I used DUPLI-COLOR Platinium shiny white) - filler (I used DUPLI-COLOR Filler and Primer and BodyAlu Polyester Filler) - Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Glue PeckaModelar - cord set with a light bulb (I used HEMMA from IKEA)

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Step 1: Designing

Everybody has a different modeling technique. I modeled a 3D balloon first and then draw branches around it. Then I cut the model in two separate parts which fit the printer’s printable size.

Step 2: Printing, Filling, Spraying

Once I was happy with the result, I printed the lamp on a 3D printer with warm grey abs filament. If you don't own a 3D printer, you can use 3D printing services such as iMaterialise.

Glue the parts together. I used Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Glue PeckaModelar.

First, spray the lampshade with a spray filler (i used BodyAlu Polyester filler). Then I used Duplicolor filler to smooth imperfections. Choose the filler wisely and make sure it bonds properly with the particular material with which you printed your lamp shade. Then, sand until you are happy with what you see and spray with Duplicolor filler again.

Finally, spray at least twice with the color of your choice. I used white shiny Duplicolor Platinum. I recommend spraying your lamp in open air, because the paint produces many dust particles. Make sure you protect your face and eyes.

Step 3: Setting Up

Install your 3D printed lampshade with an affordable cord set (I used HEMMA cord from IKEA and fluorescent lamp).

Step 4: Here It Is!

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