I Turned Butter Knife to Mini Katana




How I turned butter knife to mini katana by using simple equipments like riffler, hammer, etc. Thank you for watching

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Step 1: Making Thin

With using riffler I made thin butter knife

Step 2: Shaping

I placed templete and gave the general shape of katana with using saw and riffler.

Step 3: Knife Edge

With using sharpener I opened knife edge

Step 4: Clay

Step 5: Attachments

I used soda cap and a coin to make attachments of katana

Step 6: Handle and Cover

I used wooden sticks to make handle and cover of katana

Step 7: Final

And finally I gathered blade, handle, cover and attachments



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    8 months ago

    It looks really good! It would be nice if you could elaborate more on each step by providing more details on your process. I think your photos definitely speak for themselves most of the way. But for some people it may help to have more info, if they wanted to do this themselves. (People like me, lol)

    2 replies
    Fly forFsmcmasters1

    Reply 7 months ago

    You must know that I am noob for preparing tutorial and next time I will take a consideration your advice. Thank you

    Fly forFsmcmasters1

    Reply 7 months ago

    Dear smcmasters1 thank you for your comment and recommendation. This one is my first instructable so that I will take a consideration them for following projects.


    7 months ago

    Nice Project!
    You should enter this in the "Big and Small"-contest!

    1 reply