I-cord Easy Mug-cosy

Introduction: I-cord Easy Mug-cosy

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This is the type of project that 'just happened' one day. I had a lot of I-cord (knitted string), that I was not sure what to do with, and once I realised that I can both get rid of a tangly thing lying around and make a nice present for my grandma's birthday. (Which is December 24th)

Step 1: Make Lots of I-cord

First, collect some colourful leftover yarn. This is the hardest part as all the colours should be bright and look nice together. Actually, I decided not to bother and use some variegated sock yarn  that has been lying around since last winter.
Then spend a few evenings watching good old films and knitting a loooooooooong I-cord.
If you don't know what I-cord is, look here http://www.purlbee.com/i-cord-tutorial/, or just about anywhere. Don't be scared if you've never touched knitting needles before; it is very easy

Step 2: Start Sewing

You should make enough I-cord to wind it in spirals around your cup.
Start going up, and when you meet the handle turn 180 and go back wards. Make one of your turns a bit longer to go through the handle, so it can become a buttonhole. Hold everything in place as you proceed with little 'invisible' stitches with an ordinary sewing needle and thread.
It was long to write, but actually the photos are quite self-explanatory. 

Step 3: Sew the Button On

1) Choose a nice-looking button
2) Sew it on.

Step 4: Almost the End...

You should get something like this:

Step 5: The Very End

I hope it turns out a good present. It only took me about four evenings ( the total playing time of 'the Birds', 'About a boy', and something else).



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    Hello, i showed this to my girlfriend, and she made one, will do other ones soon i think...
    Thank you very much !


    Great and fantastic idea. I love i-cord, it's very practical and you can use it in many ways. Just a question: have you knitted just one i-cord? It seems as if you have sewn many i-cords.
    Mary Jo Zilveti

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    No, it was one long piece which went up in a spiral. Only I used variegated sock yarn that gave the striped effect.

    Thanks, I\ve seen it somewhere some time ago, but, unfortunately, I haven't got headphones (impossible for a teenager, even I am suprised).
    If I ever get some I'll most probably do it...

    Last, but not least: how have you joined it? With hot glue? Even if it's a long piece, you have to join it through the mug. Or does the button hold it?

    I'm half way through making one of these, with a few yards of i-cord made I have got a mug out to wrap around to estimate how many yards I need, only to realise that you really need a mug similar to the one pictured with a very high up handle.
    Please help me out by telling me where you got this style of mum from so I can get one and not waste my effort?
    I REALLY love the design and would be delighted to complete one.

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    In case anyone is following this thread. Gruffalo child has, I am delighted to say, replied that the mug (not mum - sorry about that typo!) is from Ikea.
    As I live in England I had been startled to see she lives in Moscow, and quite despondant that I would therefore not be able to source a similar mug. But - all is restored and I am off down to my local Ikea for a 'gross' of the mugs to make Christmas presents for everyone!
    Luckily I have one of those icord little machines for churning out all the 'string'.

    This is so adorable! Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day!

    Love, love, love it!!! Now I know what I can do with all that left-over yarn! Thank you for sharing your creative talents :)

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    Thanks, I also think it should help if I ever lose my "hiking" plastic mug, I can take an ordinary one dressed up in this;)

    Thanks for this idea, I have had some half-started 'french knitting' lying around for over a decade. Now, I have finally re-learnt how to do it and am nearly done with my first mug cosy, no where near as colour co-ordinated as yours, but still... should solve a certain some ones cold tea problems!

    French knitting produces the same sort of 'i-cord' used here, but no knitting needles are necessary, for those like me who do not get on well with them! This site has really simple instructions: http://www.how-to-knit-guide.com/french-knitting.html

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    Wow..I never thought to use what I call sock needles to knit round cord. I drilled a hole in a piece of wood and then added four to six pegs and use a hook. I find it very soothing. Though If I just had the needles I would do that too just cause. I love the mug hug very much. Check out my hand make sock knitter. On one I added a cord knitter to the handle of my Wooden P. I am checking out your other instructables. You are inspiration as I need to finish my second one.

    Not to beg but. Does anyone know how to do this on strait needles? I'm going to make a set of DPNs but in the mean time do i just knit then slide back to the left knit and repeat?

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