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Take aim and shoot your friends and family a unique greeting card telling you how much you miss them. This card looks like a miniature version of the target shooting silhouettes, except you're not looking to hit this target, but just shoot around it - "missing" it. You can take these cards to the local gun range for some inverse target practice, or simply poke holes around the target from the comfort of your home.

For this project I found online images of target silhouettes, then created a small card template in an image editor. I printed off a few and took them to the rifle range and set them up as targets. You could use any calibre or cartridge you like, but since these cards were so small I chose to use a .22 rimfire cartridge as it's small and easily aimed.

Of course, you don't have to bring your cards to the range to create holes. You can simply poke holes with a sharp pencil and get almost the same effect (though doesn't have the impact fatigue that ammunition does, is still very convincing).

If you wanted to make your own I've also included a PDF scaled to A4 (8.5" x 11") that you can print at home, along with the silhouette card and font template. You are free to modify and scale to make your own custom version.

Have you made your own I miss you card

? I want to see your results! Share a picture or video with your version of this project in the comments below.

Happy making :) Have fun!

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4 years ago

This is such a good idea. Thank you mikeasaurus! Here's mine. Nothing as creative as everyone else's, but it was. fun. Thanks

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Reply 2 years ago

So cute!

Thanks for sharing your picture, enjoy the Pro Membership!


5 years ago on Introduction

pretty cool,I have made 12 of them to send off.Btw,like your 10/22 I own 3 in various configurations,love them all.I know that I came across this is a little late but to Captain443 I completely agree with kage_no_ and I am 61 yrs old.

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Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Glad you like them. If you share a picture of your version of these cards in the comments here I'll award you a free Pro Membership and a digital patch!


5 years ago on Introduction

It would be really funny if you put a sound effect mechanism in it that made a loud bang when you opened the card.


6 years ago on Introduction

To My Son: Call home so I know the Bad Guys are missing you, too!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom


6 years ago on Introduction

Can't help but notice that this extremely similar to this original design:


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Looks like good ideas are hard to keep down!
I didn't know about that card before I posted my version, but I am really glad you provided the link. It gives people an option to pay for the product, or download my template to make their own.

The Rambler

6 years ago on Introduction

Haha, awesome.

Question for you: How did you get the pictures to show up in the body of text? Did you just paste HTML code in or something? The bordered pictures at the top of each step are nice but I'd love to be able to put pictures right next to the text that was referencing it.

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6 years ago on Introduction

Are you people serious...
I get the joke part of it...
But right know it's in really Bad, Bad, Taste...
What are you 12, Come on... Really...
We are fighting for Our Right's to have guns...
And You post something like this...
And then you'll be whining when you lose the gun you used to make this...
Real smart...

1 reply

it's an 'ible...NOT A GUN CONTROL DEBATE YOU TOSSPOT! no one wants to hear your political bollocks on this subject so shut your gob and pack it in....fecken wanker.