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This is a fairly simple tv stand hack that will create an architectural piece to compliment your large flat screen tv. All you need is 2 Lack TV Stands, 4 Elkby shelves and some double-stick tape.

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Step 1: The One-step Instructions !

The one step instruction i ssimple: build the 2 Lack TV stands sans the legs, then double stick tape them together with the bookslves as shown. (This creates a reveal to spearate the thick borders as well as provide the option of a wireway)

Step 2: Ta-da !

There you have it..simple and cool !

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    14 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful! Makes me feel sorry I don't need a new tv-stand atm.
    I have a suggestion to make this even more stylish: make the gaps the Ekby's leave the width of the Lack elements.

    The drawback on this is that it involves sawing off part of the bookshelves, thereby negating on the perfect Ikea feeling of needing no tools to assemble it.
    (Yes, I can assemble any Ikea thingie blindfolded with my hands tied to my back *proud*)

    2 replies

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love the IKEA stuff, however because I live in New Zealand, we are not allowed an IKEA branch as our government considers it would be too successful!!!!.. Go figure!!!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Well.. I think they are right. IKEA is simply a killer for small and medium sized business in the field of furniture, ESPECIALLY flat pack furniture


    6 years ago on Introduction

    One guy said he found an IKEA Lack on sale for $20. That's $40 for two, right? I've never been to IKEA, so I don't know what the table includes. What about the EKBY shelves? It would really help if there was a 'total cost' estimate. Good-looking project, though.

    Are we sure the movie isn't "Independence Day?"

    Fantastically simple, love it.

    I have a Lack TV unit currently on its own that was salvaged from a skip. It never had its supporting metal posts installed so has a sag in the top, but is pretty good otherwise.

    Your method with a new one and some shelves sounds perfect and a lot cheaper than replacing potentially.



    8 years ago on Introduction

    I THOUGHT the movie could have been star wars OR spaceballs.

    but cool hack!!


    8 years ago on Step 2

    I'm doing this tonight, ikea in canton, michigan had these on sale for $20 and i told my wife i remembered seeing this on here. thanks for the great idea!