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Introduction: IKEA PS 2014 Death Star Lamp

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This project was floating around the internet for a while and I was always faszinated by the Death Star idea.

With my boyfriend moving in and the new space caused by a larger flat, the possibility was there and I took it ;)

Since I haven't found an Instructable of this project here, I thought I will give it a try for my first time.

So enjoy and I'm open for any kind of input to make things better or improve my writing.

I'm participating in the "SCI-FI" contest here on Instructables. If you like this Instructable and feel like it's a worthy winner, it would be great if you'd give me a vote. Thank you very much.

Step 1: Step 1 - Spraypaint the White Tiles

First step ist of course - buy an IKEA PS 2014 lamp.

We decided to get the biggest one in copper/white.It is supposed to hang over the bed in our slightly Star Wars themed bedroom, so why get small ;)

I used a can of light grey spray paint from the local hardware store.Do this outside because of the fumes and the necessary ventilation.If you want to have it perfect - cover the copper insides BEFORE you spraypaint the outsides. The mist of the spray dulled the sheen a tiny bit - it doesn't bother us, but if you want it super shiny - cover it up. Or don't use spray paint and brush the light grey instead. In my case it was a matter of time and not wanting to paint them all by hand.You'll end up with an light grey ball after assembling it like the instruction tells you.

Step 2: Step 2 - Cover All Areas That Should Remain Light Grey

We used masking tape for painting walls to cover the areas that should stay lighter. Using an x-acto knive and a cuting matt with a ruler prooved to be helpfull to have a variation in the strips. Cut some wide, some small, some long, some short. Alternate to create the pattern, the death star wasn't all the same, neither should be yours.

We created a stencil of the round weapon on a piece of paper first and traced that onto the Lamp with a pencil.

I'm adding the scanned template of the laser in 3 versions. We did it by hand so it was a bit hard to scan that, but maybe somebody can use this as a template. It fits on a sheet of A4 paper and is meant for the 52 cm diameter version - for the smaller ones you'll need to size it down a bit.

This step took a good bit of patience but it's worth to take your time and go wild on details.

Step 3: Step 3 - Paint With Darker Grey

Once you're satisfied with the look of your pattern, you can paint a darker shade of paint over the whole ball.

We decided that black was to dark and sharp as a contrast, so we mixed a darker grey colour. The paint is a mix of acrylic paint and a chalk paint, to give it a not so glossy finish. We found this paint in the hardware store.

Paint the ball completely or work in segments - it all depends on your taste. We peeled the masking tape not long after painting. Make sure to press the tape very well down before you paint, avoiding blotches and noses doing so. But even if you have some slight uneven lines - the end result will be great, because the Death star has so many little bits and dots, it will look like you wanted it this way ;)

The round weapon was painted by hand with a fine brush.

Step 4: Step 4 - Assemble and Be Happy

hang it on your ceiling as instructed - you will need a hook for that - and enjoy your Death Star lamp - it's awsome!

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Great work!. I am gonna make it. Thank you.

This is so cool. I am going to make it for 8 year old grandsons birthday!

I had friends on that Death Star! Nice job and a natural fit for the lamp. It is amazing IKEA hasn't made one themselves, I guess they don't want to pay Lucas the licensing fees. Do you worry the heat from the lamp will cause the paint to give off any fumes?

1 reply

If you use a lightbulb that is suitable for the lamp and not to strong it doesn't get hot or even warm at all - so no fumes even after a year detectable

This is fantastic!

Prefer the one i made last year myself. I think this onrs way to dark.


2 replies

I disagree. The details that this one has are far superior to yours... especially in the lazer. Yours I find does not have enough contrast when the light is on.

How did you prevent the death star weapon from being colored dark grey?

1 reply

we created a paper template - the one that is downloadable in the Instructable - and used that for the painting

Hallo :)

Ich habe ihre coole Star Wars Lampe gesehen und war von ihrem Look echt beeindruckt!

Ich arbeite für die Filmmarken moviepilot und FILMSTARTS und wir haben uns gefragt, ob es denn möglich wäre, so einen Todesstern als Video bei uns zu produzieren bzw. einen Live-Stream zu machen.

Wären Sie denn für eine solche Idee offen?

Liebe Grüße


1 reply

Du hast eine Nachricht bei Facebook ;)

Wow! This is super cool!

This is an amazing idea. You should upload this to IKEA Hackers, the community there will really appreciate it. :)

Great job, the lamp looks fantastic!! :)

wow...its a great idea, might try it