IO Control With Arduino + Esp8266 (NodeMCU) and Ubidots

About: I'am an Electronics student that really enjoy making new things from garbage, and DIY projects. I am here to share my knowledge with you, and learn with you too.

Here i show you in simple steps how to control any device over the internet using the Ubidots IoT platform and the NodeMCU WiFi module with the Arduino IDE.

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Step 1: Materials:


-Esp8266 (NodeMCU).

-3x LED

-3x 330 ohm resistor.


-6.8k ohm resistor

-some wires.

Step 2: Mount:

LED 1 goes to pin D0.

LED 2 goes to pin D2.

LED 3 goes to pin D4.

LDR goes to ADC pin (A0).

Step 3: Upload the Code:

After installing the Ubidots mqtt library and downloading the code.

Link here:

Ubidots Platform:

Fill your credentials.

-Ubidots Token.


-WiFi Password.

And upload the code!

Step 4: Setting Up the Ubidots Platform:

After the code is upload to the NodeMCU a device called IO shoul appear.

Then verify that it has the variables we need in it, if don't, create thems.

Then create a table, so you can configure the switches and the visualization graphics for the analog lectures.

And test it.

Step 5: Testing It!

If you any question, be free.

Hope you to enjoy it.

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