IOT Smoke Detector: Update Existing Smoke Detector With IOT




List of contributors,
Inventor :Tan Siew Chin, Tan Yit Peng, Tan Wee Heng Supervisor : Dr Chia Kim Seng

Department of Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Distributor: Mybotic


Step 1: Material Preparation

For this tutorial, we require these items:

1. ESP 8266 NodeMCU Microcontroller

2. Smoke sensor MQ2

3. Temperature sensor TMP36

4. Buzzer

Step 2: Disassemble the Smoke Detector

1. Disassemble the current Smoke detector in your house by taking out the component inside and keep the casing

Step 3: Hardware Connection

Assembly the component into circuit board and plug in into the current Smoke detector as the diagram below.

Step 4: Install IOT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget Apps

Install the IOT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget apps as shown in figure below from Google Play Store in mobile phone.

Step 5: Sample Source Code

Download this source code and upload to the Arduino.

Step 6: Result

Based on the result, the fire warning detector will send notification to user through ESP8266 when temperature detected is greater than room temperature OR MQ2 detected smoke or combustion gases. The buzzer will sound if both sensors is triggered. It also can send signal when low battery, and control by using smartphone's apps for testing buzzer.



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    Luis GustavoF

    Question 1 year ago on Introduction


    One question: how did you build the smoke sensor? Has the circuit design electric?