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Have you ever wanted your very own Ice Cream Maker that automatically make your favorite Ice Cream when it start ? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are making this machine. Through this instructable I'll take you through the journey of how I made my own Ice Cream at Home.

This Drill machine life hack is awesome idea to make mini ice cream machine.

Use Unusable Plastic container and aluminium container to make this type of machine.

Lets make Ice Cream making Machine which make ice cream in 10-20 minutes.

For making this machine you need Drill machine , Plastic container , Aluminum container and Nut-Bolt.

Step 1: Take Material As Per Capacity

If you want better ice cream machine performance then make small machine.

Size of all material is depending on your capacity of making ice cream.

I take 18 cm Diameter and 22 cm height Plastic Container & 12 cm Diameter and 16 cm height Aluminium Container.

I also use 25 cm long and 1 cm diameter bolt and 4 numbers of Nut and 2 Numbers of Washer.

Step 2: Aluminium Pipe

Take 10 cm long Aluminium Pipe to cover Bolt for make corrosion free.

Pass this Aluminium Pipe from bolt and fit one nut through it.

Step 3: Make Wings of Shaft.

For making wings of shaft take two 13 X 6.5 cm Aluminium Sheet.

Cut this Aluminium Sheet in the shape of Picture 2.

Step 4: Paste This Wings on Shaft

Take Hard glue for binds them together.

Paste glue on wings and binds as per Picture.

Step 5: Drill the Hole.

Take Drill Machine and fit 10 mm tool for drilling hole.

Then start machine and drill hole at the middle of aluminium container lid.

Step 6: Connect Lid to Bolt.

Then Connect all Bolt , Washer and Lid as per Picture.

Step 7: Bend Wings.

Then Bend this two wings anti-clock-wise at 30 degree.

Step 8: Take Bearing

Take one bearing size of 4 cm outer diameter and 2 cm inner diameter.

Mark sign to bottom of aluminium container at middle.

Step 9: Make M Seal Paste

Take one m seal and make paste for stick bearing to container.

Step 10: Stick Bearing.

Take Bearing at middle of aluminium container and stick with m seal.

Step 11: Take Plastic Button.

Take Plastic button as inner diameter of bearing.

Step 12: Stick With Plastic Container

Paste glue on plastic button and stick at bottom of plastic container.

Step 13: Set All Material

Fit all material as per picture.

Step 14: Make Recipe

Take 2 Liter milk and sugar mixture and close lid of aluminium container.

Add ice cube and salt at side of aluminium container.

Step 15: Start

Close plastic container lid and connect drill machine to nut.

Start Drill machine at middle speed.

Step 16: 20 Minutes Later

On this drill machine for 20 minutes.

Step 17: Ice Cream Ready

Then off drill machine and take ice cream in glass.

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    1 year ago

    Which part of this project was trash, as you finalized in the Trash to Treasure Contest?


    Question 1 year ago

    Why did you decide on 2 wings instead of 3?

    1 answer

    Question 1 year ago

    how can i automate this to make ice cream everyday at 7 pm?


    1 year ago

    Try operating the drill at lower rotation speeds - there's no need for the high speed.

    In order to make the ice cream taste better, add some heavy cream and beat an egg yolk or two into the mix, plus some vanilla flavoring. Heat everything for a few minutes - but careful, so that it should not boil, or the egg yolk will curdle. (In case you have a kitchen thermometer: theory says 70 something degrees Celsius, if you keep it at 70 +/- 1 it's good enough.) Let it cool, and only then make the ice cream.

    Alternatively, you can prepare only about 1/2, 2/3 or 3/4 of the quantity (without the vanilla flavoring), let it cool, and then mix some mashed, strongly flavored fruit into it - very ripe mango, ripe strawberries, raspberries or passion fruit. Pass the pulp through a strainer, for fruit with seeds, such as strawberries or raspberries - they're ruining the ice cream's texture otherwise. If you add fruit, also add the juice of half a lemon - it makes the fruit flavor come out stronger. Boiling or even heating the fruit is damaging to the flavor, therefore don't add it while the mix is still hot. You'll have to experiment with proportions to get what you like best in creaminess and flavor.

    (I am a sucker for flavor, so it's worth the additional effort to me.)

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    Reply 1 year ago

    Very impressive - it seems we both enjoy a well made desert! Thanks for your ideas!


    1 year ago

    just be careful of freeze burns on you skin, I've made icecream with the ice/salt method before and -15C is easy. It's a good fun project to amaze kids with