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Introduction: Ichigo's Fractured Hollow Mask

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I have been using Instructables for ideas on how to start projects I've had in mind for a number of years and I thought I would finally submit one.  Considering I am currently helping my children with cosplay costumes for an up and coming anime convention, I thought I would submit an instructable on a mask I made for my son last  year.  I wish I took pictures while I was crafting the project but the images I've included should get the idea across

Step 1: Materials & Euipment

You will need :
1) a mime mask (Like the one worn by Jaberwakeez on American Best Dance Crew)
2) a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses (I used a broken pair I had on hand)
3) Bondo Automotive body filler
4) Scissors
5) Exacto (craft) knife
6) Red, white, & black acrylic paint
7) Sand paper
8) Dremel (this is optional)
9) JB Weld

Step 2:

Start with your mime mask. Draw the pattern of the fractured mask unto the mask with a sharpie or other flet tip marker.  It doesn't have to be exact, remember this is a "fractured mask" and nothing ever fractures the same twice.  Also draw an outline of the eye to match the shape of the picture.

Step 3:

Cut the pattern out with the scissors as well as the reshaped eye hole.

Step 4:

Next you will be using the Bondo.  Mix small amounts at a time as this hardens pretty fast if you are not used to using this material. Spread it over your mask to about a thickness of 1/8 inch.  Don't worry if its rough you will be smoothing it out with the sand paper later. Make the thickness at the lower edge about 1/4 inch with a width of 1-1 1/2 inch.  Let mask harden.

Step 5:

Once the mask is hardened, sketch the outline of the teeth at the lower edge of the mask. Divide the space so that you have about 6 teeth drawn.  You can use the craft knife or the Dremel with a pointed bit to shape the teeth (they should be rounded like vimpire fangs). Then sand the rest of the mask to smoothen. Dust of the mask to remove any debris from the shaping and sanding.

Step 6:

Now take the sun glasses and cut out the right lens.  Position the mask over the glasses so the remaining lens sits in the eye hole ( You can use the craft knife to shape the eye hole to fit the lens better) and glue in place with JB Weld. Be carefull not to get glue on the lens.

Step 7:

Now paint the mask white. Use at least 3 coats,be careful not to get paint on the lens.  and let dry. Carefully draw the striped patern on the mask and paint with red paint, again use 3 coats and avoid the lens, and let dry. Carefully paint a black border around the lens. one coat should do and let dry. I'v included a picture of my son using the mask at San Japan in San Antonio, TX.



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    Great instructable! I created my own mask to use at the anime expo in LA this year, but just to add on to your instructable another thing i thought would be cool is adding a small led light behind the glasses lense so that way it might light up? I'm tempted to do this and see how it turns out hopefully i get a more hollow effect. Thank you soo much Dadime

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    Im glad you were able to use my instructible. Can I see a picture of your finished product?

    This is awesome! It was exactly what we were looking for. Do you have to use Bondo at all? Is it just to make it more rigid? The mask we bought was primed for crafting on. I thought maybe we could just paint it and be done. No?

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    You are right I used bondo to make the mask more regid/durable. I like to call myself a Junkyard crafstman and tend to use what I find just laying around, I never thought of looking for a mask already primed. Kudos to you.

    It's not that we went looking, it's all we could find. To add a little depth, we glued on fake finger nails for the teeth and painted them white, also. It certainly was a fun project and my step son looked fabulous! Thanks again for posting the instructions!

    Great idea using the fingernails. I'm glad you had fun with the project. I would like to see a picture of your end product.

    You can find the mime masks at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Micheals. They also sell them at party stores like Party City.

    If you look at the picture Gallery of San Japan 2.5 you will find pictures of the mask in use. Enjoy.

    great instructable. you could avoid getting paint on the lens by putting it on after the paint

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    Thank you Timbhu. If had forethought in posting the instructible I would have had actual pictures of the process.

    i think its kinda dumb cuz other ppl can see the glasses

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    Thank you for your comment jdamm, but any cosplayer knows how to adjust their hair or costumes to disguise their props. The wearer did receive many compliments on craftsmanship at San Japan Anime Convention in San Antonio so it couldnt be too dumb. But thank youfor your most constructive critisism.