Industrial Aluminum Table

Introduction: Industrial Aluminum Table

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So this is my first post to Instructables. Hope you like it.

I bought a cheap table off Craigslist for a few bucks. It's top was damaged pretty bad, so I decided to remove it and try something new. I've had this large round of aluminum for years in my shop. It was bolted to my drill press when I got it. So I thought Id give it a go....

Here's my how to and a video of the project.

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Step 1: Remove Table Top and Legs

I decided that the ball and claw legs would look out of place on my industrial table, so I took them off in order to shape them a bit more modern.

Removing these legs just required a 3/8" wrench.

The table top was connected with 3 screws.

Step 2: Shaping the Legs

This took three different tools

A bandsaw to remove rough details
a belt sander to get the basic shape
a palm or random orbit sander to get it smooth.

Step 3: Turning the Base

For me, I wanted to make the base a bit more modern too. This table had a number of curves, or as we call them beads, that make it more traditional. I removed them on my lathe.

Now it's ready for a top...

Step 4: Attaching the Top

My top had a number of holes in it, as it was once attached to my drill press and anchored to someones shop floor. I figured all it's wear would only add to the cool industrial look.

I used bolts to attach it and then cut them flush with my reciprocating saw. This step went more smooth in my head...

Step 5: Polish the Top

This took the longest. About an hour of sanding, sanding, sanding and then a bit more...

I took the grit up to 400 before buffing it out with some paste wax

Step 6: Blots

I was originally going to leave the holes around the edge, but then I chose to add some bolts.

I found 6 matching bolts and JBWelded them in place. Then really add that extra bit to the piece.

Step 7: Spray Paint

Finally I spray painted the base black and added three coats of clear enamel to the top. I used a folded shop towel and my sander to buff the enamel to a smooth sheen.

All in all a cool piece.

Step 8: Video

Here's a video I made documenting the process.

Thanks for looking!

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