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About: I love coming up with cool ways of using wood! Furniture is my specialty. Getting ideas from all my fellow wood lovers out there. Wood is Good!

I got this idea after seeing similar style benches, tables and other types of consoles. I really like the look of steel pipes and feel it makes furniture look really awesome! 2x4's are cheap, easy to find, reasonably easy to work with, and look pretty dang good when stained and oiled. This is really cheap to make and honestly quite simple. Take your time and be as precise as possible without worrying too much. This style of furniture covers most mistakes! Have fun!

Step 1: Grab Your Supplies


  • Twelve 2x4's
  • 3 Feet of 2x12 or similar for shelf
  • Two 3/4" Steel Pipes at 8" in length
  • Four 3/4" Floor Flanges for Steel Pipe
  • Glue
  • 1 1/2" Wood Screws


  • Table Saw
  • Skilsaw
  • Chop Saw/Mitre Saw (optional)
  • Sander
  • Square
  • Tape Measure
  • Screw Gun (or Screwdriver)
  • Hand Planer (optional, but will make it look much better!)
  • Stain or Danish Oil (I used both, Early American Stain)
  • Black Spray Paint

Step 2: Prepare 2x4 Rip Cuts

  • Set saw depth on table saw
  • Rip (cut) just enough on either side to remove beveled edges on all 2x4's

Step 3:

  • Be careful and use eye protection, ear protection, and face mask (respirator) suggested
  • Use push stick and keep safe from blade

Step 4: Cut to Length

  • Measure out 44" (or desired length) on one ripped 2x4
  • Cut 2x4 to length
  • Use your new cut off as stencil for the other 2x4's

Step 5: Choose Best Looking Edges

  • choose best-looking edges and organize wood to your liking
  • Decide if you are gluing good side down or up

Step 6: Glue Up

  • Use a good quality Wood Glue like Titebond
  • Spread glue on the wood using scrap wood or similar item
  • Glue all wood together and consider staggered ends

Step 7: Stagger Wood Before Glue

  • Use one of your ripped 2x4 cut offs to use as spacer to correctly stagger wood on ends

Step 8: Clamp Together

  • Clamp it all together and double check spacing on the ends is as good as possible
  • There is room for correction later using sander and planer

Step 9: Cut Leg Sides

  • Cut your 2x4 cut off's in half for legs (we will cut it to length after we glue and clamp)
  • Use your first cut off as a stencil to speed things up
  • Does not have to be super precise since we are still going to cut final length after we glue

Step 10: Glue Legs Together

  • Glue Legs together
  • Make sure to apply glue to the staggered portions (this is where your strength comes from)
  • Spread glue evenly and when all flush, clamp it all together

Step 11: Cut Leg Length

  • When glue is set and dry, flip table up to measure out leg length
  • Cut using a circular saw carefully and as straight as possible
  • Do this to both ends at your desired height (I chose 17")

Step 12: Sand & Plane

  1. Plane top and side surfaces until it looks awesome
  2. Sand on all surfaces
  3. Make sure to sand off sharp edges
  4. Start with 80 grit sandpaper and finish with 120 or 220

Step 13: Paint Inside Console

  • Line the edges with painters tape to protect from paint
  • Paint the underbelly and insides using black paint (I used spray paint)

Step 14: Stain or Oil

  • Apply oil or stain to the color of your choice
  • I used Stain and Oil, Early American Stain from Minwax and Medium Walnut Danish Oil
  • Sand with fine sandpaper prior to protective coat
  • I used Danish Oil as last coat but you can also use a polyurethane
  • Using a rag works best to apply stain and polyurethane

Step 15: Make Shelf

  • Using a 2x12 (or similar size) measure out 3 feet
  • Cut at 3 feet for shelf
  • Sand and Stain to similar (or different) color of your console

Step 16: Mount Shelf

  • Thread the steel pipes and flanges together
  • Center and screw them into the top side (best looking side) of the shelf on either end
  • Prop shelf up against bottom of console, center, and mount it

Step 17: Enjoy!

  • Flip it over
  • Show your friends and Family
  • Set it up and show it off!

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 14

    So to be clear, you used the Danish oil first, sand, stain, sand and after that the last layer of Danish oil again? So 3 layers in total?


    1 year ago

    May I suggest a nice workbench as your next build? You look like you are killing your back sometimes and you could customize it beautifully.


    1 year ago

    Oops sorry thought I was on the trunk instructible. Both are great!


    1 year ago

    Love this. I like the good example set but do you wear the respirator the entire time? Do you have a system that takes the dust away from work space- I didn't notice. I am seriously going to try this- may use wheels though.


    1 year ago

    What are the final dimensions of this? Love it!


    1 year ago

    One of my roommates is moving out and taking the TV stand, so this will be a necessary as well as fun project. And it looks super nice too!

    1 reply

    Thanks so much! Do it! You will have a blast and I promise you'll have compliments flying your way!


    1 year ago

    Nice. I like the staggered design. For people without those monster industrial C clamps, next best alternative might be ratchet straps. Be sure to protect the wood where the metal ratchet makes contact.

    Also, construction glue in a caulking tube might be cheaper than going through a few bottles of glue, even if you include the cost of a caulking gun.

    Woodness, thanks for posting this. Where did you buy the metal flanges and threaded pipe?

    1 reply
    Woodness Goodnesskbear99

    Reply 1 year ago

    Great points! Although I wood glue is best because it sinks in really nice to the wood and is invisible when sanded and taken care of. However, I have not used construction adhesive enough to know. Perhaps I will try it!

    I purchased the threaded pipe and accessories from Lowes in the plumbing section. You should be able to find it all there. Or Home Depot of course.


    1 year ago

    Beautiful,very nice work.I think I will try cuz I have all those tools.

    Shawn Harper

    1 year ago

    Nice tutorial. Filed away for a someday project!


    1 year ago

    Now THIS is an instructable. Clear explanation, good pictures, ALL MEASUREMENTS AND SUPPLIES and nothing like "click-here-to-buy-complete-plans" trap. Nice job!


    1 year ago

    great in-depth tutorial!