FDM 3D Printing in This 300 Piece for Modeling Injection Molding Machine

Introduction: FDM 3D Printing in This 300 Piece for Modeling Injection Molding Machine

It is a model of an injection molding machine,

the project is designed to enhance printing 3d fdm with desktop printer at low cost.

The model with a final size of 370 x 166 x 155 mm, it consists of more than 300 parts,

it is not motorized, although many details you can put on the prepared slides in the model.

Almost all the details have been prepared with holes of 0.12 mm in order to be spined between them,

to obtain the best accuracy of the coupling, and to demonstrate the accuracy of the prints.

In modeling has been taken into account the % of shrinkage of the material being printed, attain so all joints with the max precision.

Many parts are fastened with screws 2MA, also the attachment to the base has been performed with only screws.

The initial project had not foreseen all this 300 pieces, let alone all the details to make a model similar to the original machine.

Over 800 hours of modeling, pre-test about 200 hours, about 215 hours of final printing, slight post production,

to obtain the scale model 1:36.

The final print was performed for groups, using a printer 3D Zortrax m200.

Step 1: The Project Idea

One of the goals of the project
He was to be able to print in 3D FDM a significant quantity of parts to be assembled correctly.
The project had to be a bit special, out of the common schemes.

With a work colleague, you talked about the 3d printers,
right by them to the injection machine,
and it began the challenge to realize the model in 3d.

Step 2: Modeling

Initially modeling had to be very simple, with few details.
The final size of the model was to be about 400 mm in length (scale 1:36),
therefore with a height of about 120 mm (where are concentrated most of the pieces).
After the first prints in 3d, I realized the quality and accuracy of the molded parts.
At this point I was encouraged to increase the details
in the process of modeling and to increase the number.
In total there are more than 300 pieces.

Already in the process of modeling retreats and tolerances
are calculated and then allow a correct assembly.
Some details with a few mm size.
To assist the assembly were provided of the holes
to insert the spines with a diameter of 1.2 mm.

Time used for modeling about 800 hours.
is a 3D CAD software with NURBS technology no parametric.

Step 3: 3d Printing

Completed the modeling, the pieces have been grouped in the various colors of the final print,
it was not expected to color the model.
More than 25 groups, over 215 hours with Z axis precision 3D printing 90 micron, Slow speed setting.
It was important to manage the arrangement of parts on the printing table,
so to get the prints with a high quality in order to avoid important work of post production
Materials used Z-ultrat, Z-abs is z-glass (for the base), for a total weight of about 1.1 kg.

Step 4: Assembly

The whole model is fixed to the base by screws and bolts from 3MA.
Many other details were secured with screws 2MA, direct thread on plastic,
while some pieces are fixed with joints.

The holes with a diameter of 1.2 mm prepared in the process of modeling have been reamed,
to allow to correctly insert the spines (some with lenght 3 mm)
and to assemble the parts with the highest precision.
To emphasize the model, they were added of aluminum tubes.

Every detail has found the right location, the assembly (somenthing difficult for the small size of the details)
it was nice it is funny. I lost during assembly of the pieces, a few hours later I was again molded part ;)
After all the months of waiting for the final result,
the pleasure of having all the pieces with perfect dating pleased me very much.

Step 5: The Final Model

The model rich in detail and detail, although it is not motorized (some parts can be moved manually), It is really very pleasant.

The realization of over 300 pieces in so little space (370 x 166 x 155 mm), printed with desktop fdm technology,
it is really very appreciable: beginning of the project I would not bet 1 cent ! :)

With this consumer technology, is it really possible to think of creating
almost any object goes through your mind,
now it is up to our creativity to realize our dreams.



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    12 Discussions


    2 years ago on Step 5

    Luca Toson please I want to you one model. Please, I realy need, beacause I am a teacher about regulation of injection molding machines.
    I am living in Peru.
    ¿Can you send me your telephone number?. I would like speak with you on whatsapp, about your fantastic model in 3d.

    Thank very much
    John Ramirez


    4 years ago

    Very impressive design. What material did you use?

    Luckys by Luca Toson
    Luckys by Luca Toson

    Reply 4 years ago

    all prints have been made with the printer fdm, there are the supports to be removed.
    The modeling has been very careful to facilitate the release and have few supports to be removed.

    Luckys by Luca Toson
    Luckys by Luca Toson

    Reply 4 years ago


    I used z-ultrat, z-abs and z-glass with printing Zortrax m200


    Reply 4 years ago

    Do these models need support when printing? Does said printer use support material, or does it create supports with the model material?


    4 years ago

    Please provide details. It looks interesting but this Instructable only tells a single paragraph about what you did... not how you did it.

    Luckys by Luca Toson
    Luckys by Luca Toson

    Reply 4 years ago

    Dear Thinker ... thanks ...
    unfortunately I was not able to successfully complete all the steps, I must have done something wrong to include the photos and description

    Luckys by Luca Toson
    Luckys by Luca Toson

    Reply 4 years ago

    Dear .... thanks ...
    me very much


    4 years ago

    That is simply incredible. I want one!!