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About: Hello, i'am Hans, living in the south east of the netherlands. And i like to making al sort of things with leather, firehose, innertube, braiding stuf and many more. Normaly i work with used materials to giv...

In this tutorial I am going to explain the opportunities of the loops cutting from innertube. The variations of different weavings, on a flat and 3D way!
When you know how this weaving is done, you can create a lot of things for all kind of decorations. Lets get started.

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Step 1: The Basics of Weaving With Innertube Loops.

There are a lot of possibilities to make a netstructure with innertube loops. You don’t have to use innertubes, each material which can cut to loops and has enough flexibility is usefull for weaving. Such as cutting loops from a fire hose, elastic bands, loombands, milk cartons, toiletpaperroll, kitchenpaper roll, hair elastic band, rubber wristbands etc. A lot of materials you can use for this weaving technic, as long it is flexible and strong enough for youre project.

For all the loops you use, it is importent that the ratio between width and lenght has to be 1 : 4 !
So it doesn’t mater how long the loops are, in the gap of the loop has to fit 4 loops without any effort . ( see picture)
The links you make are 3 way or 4 way pinwheels.

Tools and material
- cutting mat
- metal ruler
- sharp knife
- crochet needle ( not really neccesary)
- innertube
And a little bit of patience!

Step 2: The 3 Way Pinwheel

When you follow the pictures, you can see how the chains are made. From a 3 way pinwheel to a 6 side figure, with on each side again a linking loop.
These 6 sided rounds lays always flat.
The ball is build with 5 sided rounds. Starting with a 5 side round. On this round you make 5 other rounds. Put the golfball inside the half figure. Make another 5 rounds, they form together the last hole. The last link of the ball, you can’t close on the normal way. You have to cut the loop at the end en sew it with black yarn.
When you want to make a basket, then first build a flat mat. If it is big enough you can ad some corners to go in height. These corners are not the 6 sided figures, but i use a 5 sided figure. ( see pictures). 6 sided figures makes a flat surface, 5 sided figures makes a rouding or corner!
When you look at a soccerball, how it is build with pentagons and hexagons, you get inspired for more ideas.
To close this 3 way pinwheel chapter, i made some variations on this technic, also 3 way pin wheel. The first one is 6 sided figures connected to each other. The second picture also but with a little differance, take a good look how it is linked together!

Step 3: The 4 Way Pinwheel

Another way of connecting the loops to a bigger project, is to weave 4 pinwheel parts together. When you look at the pictures you see how it is done and how you make the corners for your project.
Another variation on this 4 way weaving is in the last pictures. A little bit different from what i said before but also very useble for al kinds of things. The doormat from fire hose i made in this technic. Secure the loopings with a small piece of innertube or in this picture fire hose.
Have fun with it and look around you, to inspire yourself to make surprising projects!

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6 Discussions

spark master

Question 1 year ago

How do you end the edges? The bike rack web is sweet and the bungie cord is the edge binder, but what about other stuff.

I must say, I like it reminds me of stuff we did with chewing gum papers as kids. They just looked cool to a kid, and were pointless, this stuff has real possibilities.

spark master

1 year ago

Use truck tire inner tubes and make a hammock !! Heavy but stron enough for a lard butt like me!


1 year ago

Now I am looking forward to the next time that my son destroys a bike tire. This looks fun.

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

I used to make doormats from bike innertubes and got them by the bagload from the local bike shops. They'd save up all the flat tire repair tubes and I'd collect once a week. I still have innertubes! Useful for many things-like tying around saplings when staking them out.

Waldemar Sha

1 year ago

Hi. I really like the idea, and since I have an old inner tube I'd like to try it soon. But I kind of can't decide what exactly I want to make. Do you have any ideas on specific implementations of this technique? Here's my thoughts:
- wrapping glass bottles or jars for protection;
- matts for sinks or bathtubs (if used for technical porpouses) to protect surface from scatching and catch some loose particles from getting into drain;
- non slippery mats, or even vibration dumpening (to some extend) for some equipment;
- is it strong enough to use for sitting, like in some sort of stools or even hammocks?
- baskets, maybe;
Any other Ideas?
And what about garden hose? Did you try to do it with them?