Insert in SQL From Arduino Built in LattePanda With C# App

In this tutorial we will see how to send data directly from arduino to sql database through c# application

first start with arduino program

int pushButton1 = 2;
int pushButton2 = 3;

int pushButton3 = 4;

int pushButton4 = 5;

void setup() {


pinMode(pushButton1, INPUT_PULLUP);

pinMode(pushButton2, INPUT_PULLUP);

pinMode(pushButton3, INPUT_PULLUP);

pinMode(pushButton4, INPUT_PULLUP);


void loop() {

int buttonState1 = digitalRead(pushButton1);

if (buttonState1 == LOW) {

Serial.println("Machine one on");

delay(1000); }

int buttonState2 = digitalRead(pushButton2);

if (buttonState2 == LOW) {

Serial.println("Machine two on");

delay(1000); }

int buttonState3 = digitalRead(pushButton3);

if (buttonState3 == LOW) {

Serial.println("Machine three on");

delay(1000); }

int buttonState4 = digitalRead(pushButton4);

if (buttonState4 == LOW) {

Serial.println("Machine four on");




Second C# program in the attached file and last DB also included

you will also fined Arduino library in this files

Best Regards for all

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    Nice instructional video. You might think about about moving it to the top of the Instructable so that viewers can watching before going through the program.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    all files needed in this link below