Triple Monitor Wall Mount


Introduction: Triple Monitor Wall Mount

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This is how I mounted my three, 23"inch computer monitors onto my wall. Using only some simple brackets and a piece of timber. 

Step 1: Attaching the Backing Plates to the Monitors

Attach the backing plate to each monitor using either the 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 holes. 

Step 2: Placing the Brackets

Due to the weight of the three monitors and the mounts, it is advisable that they be screwed into the studs. 
In Australia our studs are 600mm apart, so my piece of timber is 1400mm long, so that i can screw it into the studs and have extra. 

Step 3: Arranging the Mounts

I placed my monitors into the mounts and onto the timber. Arranging them so that each monitor touched each other. 
When you have got the position right, mark the mounts location so that you can screw it into place perfectly. 

Step 4: Screwing Brackets to Wood

Attach the brackets to the timber backing piece. Use all the possible screw locations as there will be a large amount of force on the timber piece, the more screws the more secure. Check that everything is aligned correctly. 

Step 5: Attach to Wall

In order to attach the timber backing board to the wall it is best to remove the monitors from the timber piece. 
Cut off any excess timber that you don't require from the ends. 
Locate your studs in your wall.
Using a level mark out the placement and height of your mounts.
Pre drill holes in the stud, so the screw will thread better. 
Attach the backing plate to the wall with heavy duty screws. 

Step 6: Positioning

Once attached to studs on wall, mount your monitors.



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    14 Discussions

    This is extremely helpful; I'm working on a budget and want to mount my triple monitor setup to get it off my desk for more room. I have a table saw and some pallet lumber I can use, but my center monitor is a Pavilion 23xi, so I need an adapter to use a VESA wall mount. Other than that, I'll be getting everything together to do this next weekend or the next. The cheapest triple monitor wall mount available to me is in excess of $400, so this is a life saver—thanks!

    What is the recommended thinkness of the wood to use?

    This is awesome! going to try this next weekend. where did you get that desk by the way??

    Have been looking for a nice long desk like that for a long time.

    1 reply

    thanks aplauche. Unfortunately you wont find a table too similar to mine. I made it myself from recycled timber and the frame from an old science desk from my old school.

    Good day...Doing some research to do a similar DYI build.. I was going to do a carbon copy of this DIY, however I don't like how you aren't able to adjust the monitors towards you. (I do a lot of graphics designing and need to see things up close to edit.) I'm wondering how you would go about doing this with adjustable wall mounts such as this ...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be mounting 3 LG 22" LED monitors on a wall that is very similar to the size of your room in your photos.

    I'm more or less curious to know if you think I can make it work and how you would go about doing it. Thank you for your time in advance :)

    I know you posted this a while back but I am keen to do the same type of project. I have had a hell of a time finding similar mounts as the ones you used. The type of mount is perfect, swivel but not tilt, and slide on. Can you tell me the brand you used?

    None of the screws from the brackets go into the studs. These are located below the brackets. They are at least a 45mm timber stud screw. That goes through the timber plate, through the gyprock and into the stud. Don't forget to pre drill. Older homes use hardwood studs which will make putting in a large screw more difficult. Good luck.

    Love this DiY ! im about to start doing this tomorrow got everything ready to go .i just have a question. how did you mount the timber into the studs on the wall. by that i mean which of the screws on the brackets are actually going directly from the timber all the way to the stud. I see a lot of screws on the brackets going into the timber but thats it. Here in Us the Studs are like 400mm away from each other (16 inches) . i bought some brackets almost identical to those you are using so im trying to follow everything as close as possible :) please help me out :) thank you

    The brackets were purchased at jw computers. The swivel brackets were $25 each and the flat mount was $15. Most electrical stores will sell something similar, even officeworks.

    great idea mate, im looking at also doing this, where can i find those brackets, and around how much?? im in Aus, your help will be muchly appreciated

    Thanks for the comment and suggestion. Good luck with the installation.

    This is a much more cheap and simple solution than some of those expensive triple monitor brackets I currently have dual monitors but will be getting 3 when I upgrade.

    Definitely going to be using this instructable when the time comes! By the way, I believe a better title would be something like 'Triple monitor wall mount', or something along those lines.

    Anyway, great instructable!