Installing a Spill Guard Over Ember's Ring Bearing

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If not careful, resin can sometimes find its way into the ring bearing on which Ember's resin tray pivots. To prevent resin ingress, users can install a simple shield.

  1. Download and print the attached STL "FDM-resin-guard-v1.stl. ABS or PLA at a layer height between 0.15mm and 0.3mm will work well.
  2. Carefully remove the resin tray from Ember
  3. Flip the resin guard so that the side with the arrow is facing up and the conic walls are facing down
  4. With the resin guard resting on the Aluminum Z-rail end block, hook the right recess around the rail and the rotate the guard in the direction of the debossed arrow to lock it around the Z-rail. There should be a firm click as the second recess retaining detent snaps over the rail. The guard should sit firmly in place and shouldn't rattle.
  5. Replace the resin tray and enjoy safer printing!

Special thanks to Paul Robbins for the design from which this was derived. Ember-printable version coming soon.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    A resin-free bearing is a happy bearing. Thanks for posting this.