Installing an SSL Certificate in Windows 7




Sometimes websites have non-trusted security certificates that you want to trust. In order to do this you'll have to install these certificates in Windows. Let's start:
  1. Make sure the certificate file came from a trusted source.
  2. Double click the certificate file (*.cer)

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Step 1: Click Install Certificate...

Step 2: Click Next

Step 3: Select "Place All Certificates in the Following Store" and Click Browse

Step 4: If It's a Root CA Certificate Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" If It's a Certificate for a Webserver (e.g. Select "Trusted Publishers". Click OK.

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: Click Finish

Step 7: If It's a Root CA Answer Yes to the Question "Do You Want to Install This Certificate?"

Step 8: You're Done



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    2 years ago

    Very easy to follow :) Thanks for sharing.