Installing and Using Kon-Boot [Detailed UserGuide]




Introduction: Installing and Using Kon-Boot [Detailed UserGuide]

In this Detailed UserGuide I will show you how to Install and Use Kon-Boot, this is inclusive Kon-Boot Pro (download link)

Step 1: Warning!

The use of Kon-Boot is at your OWN risk, I am NOT responsible if anything happens or if you get caught by an administrator or someone else. If you just follow these steps nothing will go wrong, but it is still at your OWN risk.


VICT, Netherlands

Step 2: Get the Kon-Boot Files

To Download Kon-Boot Pro for Free just go to my channel:

From here you have to search for the video named: Kon-Boot

When you have these files already, you can skip this step

Step 3: Install Kon-Boot

For installing Kon-Boot you will need an USB drive.

1. Unzip the downloaded Kon-Boot folder (It is Malware/Virus free)

2. Open 'KonBootInstaller'

3. You will see a message to take out all unecessary drives in case you will choose the wrong USB in the next step. Click on ''OK'' when ready.

4. Downbelow the KonBoot installer, you will see a little ''Bar'', this is a drop down bar, click on this 'Bar' and then choose your USB drive.

5. When you have selected your USB drive, you will have to choose the option: ''Install to USB (With UEFI Support)''.

6. From here you will see a message that all data on your drive will be deleted, so make sure you have an empty USB drive or make sure that all files on the USB drive are safely backed up on your computer or somewhere else. When you are ready click on ''Yes''

7. The Installer will now install Kon-Boot on your USB drive.

8. You will now see a message that Kon-Boot has been succesfully installed.

9. You are ready for the next step!

Step 4: Start Up From Your USB

In this step I am going to show you how to boot from your USB drive, if you already know how to do this then you can go to the following step.

There are two steps for booting from an USB drive:

> Boot Using the Bios Menu:

1. To boot using the BIOS menu you will have to shutdown your pc.

2. Now you will have to press the (right) Key to boot into your BIOS, if you don't know what hat specific key is, than you can go to one of the following two sites: (The credits go to the owners of the two sites)

3. Now you have that specific key, you can boot into your BIOS by turning your pc on and constantly tap the button until the BIOS boots up. (When Windows starts up you will have to try it again).

4. When you have a newer PC that has 'Secure Boot' enabled, then you will have to disable 'Secure Boot' when you want to boot from an USB drive, this option can be found in your BIOS menu.

5. Now go to the 'Boot' Tab and choose your USB Drive. The USB with ''UEFI'' in his name will only boot succesfully when you have a pc that supports UEFI boot and the other option without ''UEFI'' in it's name should boot on any PC.

6. As you can see Kon-Boot should now succesfully Boot Up.

The Second Way:

> Use this to easily Boot from your USB using the 'Advanced Startup' option (Windows 8/8.1/10 Only)

1. Go to your PC Settings (Not Control Panel)

2. Go to 'Update and Security'.

3. Now choose 'Advanced Startup'. Your pc will restart in the 'Advanced Startup' Menu

4. From here it can go up to two ways. When you see the option Use a device (or something like that), then you will have to click on this and choose the option to boot from USB. (Mostly you will see UEFI USB Boot).

The second way to Boot from your USB drive:

Click on ''Troubleshoot'' --> click on ''Advanced Options'' --> Choose ''UEFI Firmware Settings'' and click on ''Restart'' (When asked). Your PC will now boot into your UEFI/BIOS.

5. When in your BIOS go to the Tab ''Boot'' and choose your USB Device.

NOTE: When you see Boot order in the Tab ''Boot'', then you will have to go to ''Boot Order 1'', hit the ''Enter'' button and then choose your USB Drive. Now save and exit.

Step 5: Multiple Ways to Get Into a Windows Account/PC

In this step I will show you how to get in to an Account/PC

> The Easiest Step:

The easiest step to bypass a login screen is to choose the user you want and then just hit ''Enter''. But there is a big chance that this easy step doesn't work on Windows 8/8.1/10.

> Other ways using Cmd (The following commands need to be entered WITHOUT the quotes '' )

To get into a Windows PC/Laptop using Cmd, you just have to ''Tap'' 5 times the 'Shift' button when you are on the lock screen, this will open the Command Prompt with Administrator rights.

- Add a User without password: net user ''username''

- Add a User with password: net user ''username'' ''password''

- Give new/existing user admin rights: net localgroup administrators ''username'' /add

- Remove Admin Rights: net localgroup administrators ''username'' /del

- Change user password: net user ''username'' *

- Change user password way nr2: net user ''username'' ''newpassword''

Note: When typing a new password (when used the command with *), you will have to know that you don't see the password when you type.

Step 6: Follow Me On

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