Instant Bowtie

Introduction: Instant Bowtie

Don't throw away that used up gift card! Use it to your advantage if you ever forget to wear your bow tie, or like to show off party tricks!

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Step 1: Supplies

You'll only need the gift cards and tape, or other form of attachment if you want to wear it.

The sharpie is only used to show where to bend.

*There are MANY different kinds of plastics used for gift cards even among the same brand names, some work great, others will snap, the amazon gift card shown needed pliers to really set in the folds.

Step 2: Step 1 and 2

The pen outlines where you will fold the card. First make one of the diagonal folds outwards (mountain fold), and repeat for the other diagonal, creating an X shape on the face of the card.

Step 3: Step 3

Flip the card over and bend in half (valley fold from the front of the card). Repeat all folds again if needed for certain plastics.

Step 4: Put It On!

Now you are almost done, just use some tape or even drill a hole and wear your new bow tie proudly!

Depending on the card you've used you can even flip the folds in and make the card pop back and forth between bow tie and gift card modes! (as pictured above)

Show me what other things you can do with a gift card, what other styles and images look good as a bow tie?

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