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There are a million stories in this big Instructables community. These are a few that deserve to be told. Inspired by the offbeat works of Gary Larson and his Far Side (c) cartoons, I encourage you to figure out what makes these people unique. Be warned, lurking in the forum is addictive. Join the fun.

This is a collection of Instructables Robot cartoons, comics, and funnies that poke and have fun with the Instructables community. A photo image is followed by a scanned image. Notice how a camera "warms" up the picture. I'm still working on how to use the scanner and Photoshop to optimize the scans. Click on the image to download and use for inspiration in your own cartoon.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons living or dead, robots, droids, or cartoon characters is purely coincidental. Blah, blah, blah...

Not quite like making it big on the cartoon wall of Sardi's but links to where the cartoons first appeared:

What to do if harassed on Instructables new 10/29/08

Kiteman XKCD'ed U C. 9/22/08

Eric builds a Bot 9/10/08

Haircut and a shave - Goodhart 8/31/08

Canida-Wilhelm - Wilhelm-Canida 8/18/08

Jessyratfink steps in it... 8/18/08

Goodhart gets a gift 6/26/08

[ GorillazMiko calls it a day] 6/1/08

Adrian monk admirers 5/24/08

GorillazMiko's trip to HQ 4/24/08

GorillazMiko Birthday 4/21/08

Robot visits Yosemite 4/15/08

Site problemo 4/12/08

GorillazMiko and Zachninme banter about GzMko cartoon

GorillazMiko takes a trip to the Tower 4/7/08

LinuxH4x0r CameronSS 4/7/08

Instructables Robot drawing contest

T3hmuffinator cartoon

Tetranitrate cartoon

Killerjackalope cartoon

Check back often for updates. %-)

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8 years ago on Introduction

This is my salvation from a hard semester of studying and failing! Thanks caitlinsdad, for bringing a rare smile in this Instructabrarian's otherwise forlorn face!


9 years ago on Introduction

Nice. Can't believe I only just found this. It's missing the total views patches though :)

1 reply

You sir are a true genius. I too dabble in cartoons but my drawings are usually limited to single characters although I have done some good ones in the past. If I can somehow find the time I may post a few...

3 replies

Post up a slideshow too! Seems a few instructable members have some artwork posted up on Some nice work there.

Ok, when I find time I will and I'll let you know. Just one question, what would I classify it under? PS. Like your new avatar

You can title it whatever you want and classify it in broad categories like art and something. Maybe there is a technique or style you want to show off. Just do it. Good luck.

I don't comment a lot here on Instructables and I haven't published any 'ibles yet as I am more into being an artist and that doesn't translate very well to being an 'ible, but I do look at a lot of stuff on here and I found a few of those toons quite amusing. Thanks!