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Over the last couple of years, Instructables has made its way to being my favorite website ever! And now the Instructables Robot contest has given me the inspiration to combine my passion for woodworking and the popular Instructables Robot into something awesome!

Step 1: Materials/ Tools

The materials list for this project is pretty short:

-Wood (this, as well as some of the other materials, can be any size you desire)

-Template (image of instructables robot with a border I added)


-X-acto knife

-Hot Glue Gun


-Other: Miter saw and hand saw

-(Optional) Stain and Finish

Step 2: Cutting Wood to Size

Lay your template out on your wood and mark it. Next, take it to the saw and cut it out. When you have the size you need, you can start to sand it. Keep sanding until you get it nice and smooth.

Step 3: Preparing the Template and Drawing the Border

Begin by cutting the outside edge of the border and drawing it on the wood (be sure to center it!). Do the same for the inside of the border. Now if you want to, you can draw in between these to make it easier to see when you start wood-burning.

Step 4: Drawing the Sign

Start by drawing a line along the bottom and sides of the sign, then cut along that line. Next put the template on the wood and draw along the sign. Lastly, cut off the rest of the sign and finish the drawing on the wood.

Step 5: The Robot Outline

This may look a little weird but when cutting out the robot you need to have a reference to the template to ensure it is in the correct place on your wood. Connect the top of the robot's head to the edge of the template some how, my method seemed to work just fine. Then draw the robot's outline.

Step 6: The Inside of the Robot

This step is kind of confusing, so if this explanation doesn't make any sense the pictures should do a good job explaining it.

To start, take your X-acto knife and cut out the inside of the wheels and draw them on the wood. Continue to do this for the legs and the arms. To draw his torso and head, use the same method you used on the sign. The eyes might be a little tricky and you might have to free hand some things.

Step 7: Finishing the Sign

This part is pretty simple but tedious. Take your X-acto knife and cut out each letter. Then draw them in.

Step 8: Wood-Burning: Border

When wood-burning be careful to not only avoid touching the metal components with your hands but also watch where you burn the wood so you can avoid big mistakes. Start by burning the wood along the outside edge of the border, and then on the inside.

Step 9: Wood-Burning: the Sign

Do the outline of the box first and then trace the letters. Don't worry about filling in the extra space, you can do that all in one step.

Step 10: Wood-Burning: the Robot

Just keep tracing the outline of the robot until you have it completed.

Step 11: Wood-Burning: Filling Everything In

When you have everything outlined you can finish the wood-burning by filling in everything that's left (spaces in between the outlines i.e. the border or the sign etc.). You are now done wood-burning and can move on to the last steps of this instructable!

Step 12: Creating the Stand

Take some extra wood and prop it up on something (vertically). Set your piece at the angle you wish for it to lean at and mark it on the extra wood. Next, cut along the line so you have a door-stopper looking thing. Tape it to your piece to see if it will support itself, just don't glue it on yet!

Step 13: (Optional) Staining

This step is pretty self explanatory, but I stained it in this order: the stand, the back and the top/bottom, and then the front and sides.

Step 14: Attaching the Stand

To attach the stand just put hot glue along the side you want to connect to the main piece and stick it on. Let it dry and set it up!

Step 15: Finished!

You just created your very own wood-burned instructables robot picture! I hope you had as much fun making this as I did. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think below!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love the robot! Wood burning the letters must have been tough. You did a great job.