Instruction - Hugo



Love him or hate him, he will always be quiet. You can open his mouth and feed him with different things or just leave a message and he keeps it for you! Use him as a pillow, he will be a good friend.

Step 1: What You Need

·              different types of textile

·              a zipper

·              2 buttons

·              paper, scissors, pins

·              needle, thread, sewing machine

Step 2: Step 1

Think about a figure. Here is my example,I call him Hugo.

Draw it on a paper and cut it out. Take it as apattern for the textile.

Step 3: Step 2

Cut it out!

Step 4: Step 3


Give Hugo a mouth! Sew a piece of fabric on the front side and cut it open in the middle for the zipper. How in picture a to see. Now you take the small bag, after you sew one and sew it on. Like picture b is shows.

Step 5: Step 4


Now you sew the back side and the front side together. The best way to sew Hugo together is to sew the pieces inside out. Leave a small piece open to turn it and fill him with soft cotton, close the last small open piece.

Don’t forget to give him eyes. I took two different buttons. Et voilà there is Hugo!



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