Insulated Illuminated Bike Trunk




Introduction: Insulated Illuminated Bike Trunk

Just in time for Spring! This Instructable is for a nice lockable bike trunk made from a lightweight plastic ammo box that can be used for a picnic or in my case transporting my lunch. I work swing shift and ride home at night so I wanted to light it up  as well. The insulated insert comes out for cleaning and the lights are a re-purposed battery powered flashing Christmas light string that I got at Walgreens last Christmas for cheap. I removed the crappy colorful lights and replaced them with superbright red and yellow LED's that are really bright.

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Step 1: The Ammo Box

I got this on Amazon, search "Ammo box" less than 13 bucks with free 2 day shipping  if you sign up for some kind of premiere thing. just cancel after you get it. it costs nothing. it's got an o-ring type seal all the way around and is completely water proof

Step 2: Bolt It Down

You'll have to figure out how to mount the box to your bike cause every bike rack is different .  My rack is a modified to sit back a little farther. I chose to have the lid open backward so it would open all the way otherwise it would hit the seat.

Step 3: Insulated Insert

They have this insulated bubble wrap at most hardware stores. Measure the inside dimensions of you box and tape it up. I used Gorilla brand duct tape it's like twice as thick and strong as regular duct tape.

Step 4: Done? Drop It In!

Step 5: Safety Lights

The lid snaps off so I could work on the rear lights

Step 6: LED's

I had this extra LED flashing Christmas light string that I got at wallgreens, I think the were 5 bucks. it flashed back and forth between two sets of lights or stayed steady on (boring). I chopped off the long set of crappy LED's and left the three wires, one positive and two negative. I used 10 super brights, 5 red and 5 yellow. all the LED's share the positive and the neg's were divided up between the two colors.

Step 7: Drill

I used a step drill bit, it was the only one I had that was the right size for the LED "mounts" plus a step drill does a clean job.

Step 8: LED's

I alternated LED's (red, yellow,red etc,)  so that it would have a nice left-right-left-right shifting effect when on flash mode

Step 9: Hot Glue, My Friend

there's a lot of better ways to do this, I just used hot glue to insulate after I soldered it all together. I let it sit in the hot sun for awhile to see if it would hold up and it did just fine. It's also going to be protected by the bubble wrap insulation.

Step 10: Snap the Lid Back On!

The handle on top of the lid was floppin' around so it comes off easily. I don't need it anyway.

Step 11: Ready to Roll

Works great and the lights are at least twice as bright as the CatEye brand safety light I already had on there

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    How well does the insulation work? I don't need hard numbers, but I'm curious! I'd like to be able to put an ice pack and a coke in there and be able to drink it an hour or two later.

    Nice job btw!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Those lights are defiantly obnoxious enough to get you noticed... Nice instructible