How to DIY Finish Your Basement Floor - Insulated Subfloor Installation (Amdry)




Introduction: How to DIY Finish Your Basement Floor - Insulated Subfloor Installation (Amdry)

How DIY finish your basement floor with an Insulated subfloor panel.

Step 1: Tools Required:

  • Tape measure
  • Utility Knife
  • Straight edge Rubber mallet
  • Circular saw with plywood blade
  • Pull or pry bar
  • 1/2” spacers
  • Pencil / marker

Step 2: Measure Basement Area

Measure basement area to determine the number of panels required.

Each Panel is 8 sq. ft in size (24” x 48”)

Total Sq. Ft. of room ( _______Sq . ft.) Divide by 8 equals Total Panels required.

Step 3: Prepare the Area

Sweep and / or vacuum all loose debris off basement floor

Step 4: Start the Installation

In the selected starting corner, place ½” spacers at each side of the starting corner, lay the first panel.

Cut a connector @ 22 1/ 2” for the short end (this will allow for the 3/8” connector insert in the long side panel on either side.)

Step 5: Installing the Panels

  • Place the 22 1/2” connector in the first laid panel, this can be inserted easily by hand and a light tap with the rubber mallet will ensure a tight connection.
  • Place 2 more spacers at the side of the wall and slide the second panel into the connector of the first panel.
  • Continue on with this process until you come to the end of the wall. It may be necessary to cut the last panel of each row to fit the room size
  • Remember to include the ½” spacer at the end of each row. Place the 4’ connectors on the long side of the panels that have been installed

Step 6: Install the Next Row

  • For the 2nd row; start back at the original starting point beside the first panel placed . Place 2 spacers at the wall
  • While we recommend that you stagger the panels in each row to provide added strength. To install the panels in a staggered pattern cut a 2’ x 4’ panel in half, measure the panel @ 24” place a mark on either side , using the straight edge mark the center of the panel, place a piece of 2x4 under the panel at either end, and using the circular saw with the plywood blade cut the panel .
  • As an alternative you can use the leftover piece form the last panel in the first row. Slide the 2’ x 2’ cut panel into the long end side connector of the first panel using the tapping block to secure, continue to lay the second row of panel s with the 2’ x 4’ panels. Place the 4’ connector into the 2nd row of installed panels

Step 7: Finish Your Basement

  • Continue to install the Amdry panels working from one side of the room t o the other, one row at a time. The connectors will ensure a snug and tight fit. Remember to fully insert the connectors into the grove of the panel . For tight areas or the last panel and row installation the use of a pull bar and mallet will be required to connect the panels together.
  • Once you have completed your basement AmDry installation, the ½” spacers that were placed around the room to allow proper air movement for drying may need to be left in place depending on the finished flooring options that you are planning on installing , see the information on Finished Floor Choices.
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    3 years ago

    It looks great! I wish we could do this to the floor in our rental, I'm pretty sure there's nothing under the linoleum.