Interwoven Turks Head Knots



Introduction: Interwoven Turks Head Knots

This interweave is based on the 3 lead , 4 bight family of TH knots, They can easily be expanded to 3L-7B, 3L-10B, etc.The base knot here is a 3 lead, 4 bight TH. The bracelet shown is 3L, 7B

Step 1:

a. Bring the Working End around the mandrel and under the Standing End

Step 2:

b. Bring WE over SE

Step 3:

c. and up Under, Over

Step 4:

d. Place upper bight down over the lower bight

Step 5:

e. Bring WE down Under, Over. This completes the base 3 Lead, 4 Bight TH knot. To increase to 3L, 7B - repeat steps c - e.

Step 6:

Take second cord and opposite the start if the first TH bring the WE under the crossing point

Step 7:

Skip over one bight and bring WE under 2 strands (crossing point). You will end up at the starting point as shown.

If you are working on an expanded TH continue to skip a a bight and go under a crossing point. You will end this first pass at the starting point

Step 8:

Bring WE under one bight

Step 9:

Bring WE Over one, Under three, Over one

Step 10:

You are again at the starting point. Bring WE Under one.

Step 11:

Bring WE Over two, Under three,and Over Two.

Step 12:

Bring WE under one. This completes the knot. Follow the standing end around to double up the knot.

Step 13:

If you turn the knot inside out you get an inseresting stripe pattern. Flattening the knot makes a nice mat or coaster

Step 14:

Doubled up inside out. Third color added

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