Intro: How to Make Magnetic Pac-man Characters for Stop Motion




These pac-man characters are simple and easy to make and make good characters for a beginners stop-motion movie. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make magnetic pac-man characters.

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Step 1: Materials

You don't need too many materials for this instructable. You will need scissors, magnets, lamination film, and you will need to print out your pac-man characters.

Step 2: Cutting the Characters

In this step you will need to cut out the pac-man characters and put them on laminated paper, to get them ready to be laminated.

Step 3: Laminating the Characters

Step 3 you need to laminate the characters. You turn the laminater on and slowly put the lamination paper through the laminater until fully done laminating.

Step 4: Adding the Magnet to the Characters

Now it's time to add the magnets to the pac-man characters. You use double sided sticky tape and put it on the back of the laminated characters, you peel the tape of so it's sticking to the character and it's sticky to attach the magnet to it.

Step 5: Cutting You Characters

You must use an exacto knife on a cutting board to cut out your laminated magnetic character. You go slow and steady to cut out the perfect pac-man character you want!

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