Introduction to Soldering

Introduction: Introduction to Soldering

This is my Instructable PowerPoint on Soldering. I give some important vocabulary terms, state step by step instructions for soldering an LED, and have examples of "what not to do's". Also attached is a video of me soldering...

Remember, safety comes first! And have fun!

*Pictures are original :)

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great Guide! Here is my feedback:

    1) The drawings really are really helpful to understanding what is happening, especially the one with the LED.

    2) Some of the steps are introduced a little quickly, so maybe add some small explanations for some of the steps

    3) There are a lot of helpful tips! I like how there is an emphasis on fun and safety

    4) Maybe add something regarding the solder sucker as another way to undo solder

    5) The pictures are clean and helpful in showing the products, and the video was useful as well


    Looks great so far. I really like the power point and its pictures. Just a few comments:

    1. could you maybe talk about soldering more generally than just an LED light. like maybe look for the plus of negative ends to be marked on the component?

    2. Also, maybe you could touch on what to do if you mess up, like using the pump and wick.

    3. It would be awesome if you touched more on choosing the right coil and iron tip

    Great work! Very informative.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! A few things:

    1) I like how you made a powerpoint/pdf it is different and easy to follow

    2) Could you talk about the different types of solder?

    3) You should include how far down to cut the prong.

    4) What are the different size tips that we should use on our soldering iron?

    5) Could you talk what to do if you mess up soldering and need to remove some solder?