Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor.




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As has been said in my previous Arc reactor instructables, I love Iron man.

first Arc

Whiplash Arc:

iron man 2 arc:

So with the imminent release or the third instalment of the iron man movies i decided i would give the arc featured in the trailers and posters a go. 

The Arc i have made is made and designed is based wholly on the one shot, so i have no idea on how deep the arc is, ive used my past builds on the other arcs to guess the levels and design of this arc. 

So here goes :)

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Step 1: Tools and Materials.


- files
- sand paper
- knives (scalpel, exacto, craft)
- rulers (any straight edge)


- 3mm perspex
- 2mm perspex
- thin card (0.7mm i don't know the gsm)
- solvent glue.
- spray paint.

Step 2: Research, Planning and Drawing Up Plans.

I got some images from google, by googling "iron man 3 arc reactor" and had a look at how the arc is designed.

what i like about this design is that it moves away from the Vibranium triangle from the second film. i love the round designs.

I did some sketches of how i thought the layering would work to get how thick the arc would be.

once i had worked out the layers i drew up some illustrator plans.

Step 3: Cutting the Parts.

i cut all the parts from the plans out on a laser cutter. but as has been shown by user : 159753 in the comments of my last arc instructable who made all the parts with a dremel, so it doesn't have to be done on a laser cutter.

Step 4: Assembling the Cut Parts

I gathered up the parts into groups that will be glued together.

the rear ring assembly.

the arc ring magnets.

the oval ring assembly.

Step 5: Painting the Parts.

I gave all the parts that are going to be painted a coat of plastic primer and then the colour of its parts.

The main body and the ring magnets are silver.

The front bezel and the parts the go on top of the oval ring are black.

The oval ring and hexagon mesh (which was cut from the thin card.)

The rear ring assembly was painted gold.

Step 6: Oval Ring Assembly.

once all the paint had dried i started putting things together.

I glued the hexagon mesh to the rear of the oval ring.

After cutting out the parts i kept the waste of the parts that sit on top of the oval ring as it would help locate the parts on the oval ring.

once the glue for the first two parts had dried i turned it over and attached the gold rear ring assembly to the back of the oval ring.

Step 7: Main Arc Ring.

i took the protective plastic of the main clear ring and glued the from halves of the ring magnets on the clear ring.

Once the glue dried i turned it over and glued on the back plates of each magnets.

Step 8: Final Assembly.

The front glass is made by etching one design on the front of some 2mm perspex then turning it over and etching the second design on the back. This technique gives you depth to the design I chose to do it this way because the source image I had looks like there are two layers to the arched and geared design. I put all the parts together with a disk of EL panel in the rear of the case.

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    29 Discussions


    3 months ago

    Great job, Could you share the blueprints with me via email? My email is Thanks!

    backwards lambjchinn

    Reply 3 years ago

    im not sure what you mean, this is in no way a working arc reactor its a prop replica with a little battery that powers a light.

    The risk of making this are you might cut youself or get glue on you or paint fumes?


    3 years ago

    How tall is it? I was thinking of using sfx makeup to make it look like its embedded in my chest, but I need to know its height.

    Super Rohit

    4 years ago

    Could you attach laser cutting files


    4 years ago

    Up next? How to make your own laser cutter?.....

    hi, i think it was blue for cut and green line etch and black or red fill for rasterising.

    it doesnt matter (for the most part) what colour one uses, unless you actually have my plans then it can be quite self explanatory as the lines on the outside of the drawings are normally the cutting lines then you can work back from there.


    5 years ago

    You mean iron man 1 arc reactor this is mk 1 not mkV

    backwards lambyagos7

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    if you go to my website and email me through that i will answer all you questions regarding plans for items.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    How did you get this to light up? Did you jsut illuminate it from behind? I'd like to make one that lights up by itself :) Welld one thugh, it's awesoem!

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nobody doubts that you freaking love IRONMAN. Biggest Fan ever.!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, form the photo you based on, this is not the reactor. The photo is from the chest assembly in the armor, the thing that draws the power from the reactor. But your project is very nice looking and I like it very much. I wish I had access to cutters to make one like this.