Iron Man Pepakura Paper Suit

Introduction: Iron Man Pepakura Paper Suit

Hello Instructables, Here I am to present you the fills to make a real 1:1 armour suit of Iron Man !

You have all the parts to make the MARK 4 or the MARK 6 from the movie MARVEL Iron Man 2

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Step 1: Install Pepakura Viewer

You will see that it's a very easy program. Easy to use and VERY VERY handful to understand what are all the differents parts of your suit.

Step 2: In Case Of, Download Pepakura Designer

The files are made for me (male of 1m85 and 70kg). If you want to modificate the files, feel free to download pepakura designer to design your files.

Step 3: Print Your Files

For that, you have to buy some good paper. Normal paper is 70-80gr/m². For your work, you will need some strong paper like 150-200gr/m².

Step 4: Cut and Fold Your Differents Parts

To be clear and sure:

- - - - - - - - - - - - you have to fold down, you will see your paper like this: /\

- . - .- . - .- . - .- . you have to fold up, you will see that: \/

Step 5: Connect Number to the Same Number

All parts have plenty of numbers. For exemple, you have to connect number "365" to an other part with the same "365" on it. Aaaaaaan here you go !

Step 6: Here Are All I Have Done Actually. Miss the Feet and the Lower Legs

Step 7: To Be Continued

After you made all the paper parts, you can put some fiberglass to make it more strong.

When it's dry, you have to put coating to make the surface perfectly smooth.

Then sand all the pieces and paint !

I will upload more pictures of my armour next months...

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hi, I've tried downloading the version available at Pepakura Gallery but the model doesn't have the number guide, can you please share the link you use to download?


    David M


    2 years ago

    It will be neat to see this when you have it finished, looks like it's coming along well :)