It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Strimmer




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The third angle grinder hack from the ‘make it extreme’ team was created to help us in garden chores. Therefore, we turned the angle grinder that we made into a strimmer! The particular idea was raised by a very affordable hack as with the use of two plugs, a switch and some scrap metallic pieces, we achieved to make a grass cutting machine.


Step 1: Base

What we needed for the base of the angle grinder was a piece of metallic plate as well as for the protective cover, which protects us while cutting the grass as well as other things like small pebbles and things that might be contained in our garden hidden by the grass. For this purpose, we added an aluminum tube to fill the gap between the height of the user and the ground in order to make our tool easy to use and keep the user’s posture in a straight line so that his back won’t get hurt. The reason of using an aluminum tube is to keep the weight of the tool reduced. Then, we created the handles of our machine at the points, where the user will place his hands when he uses this tool. At the edge of the one handle, we made an electric switch for the user to activate and deactivate the machine whenever he needs it or not.

Step 2: Socket - Belt

At the back side of the structure, a socket was placed to put the plug of the grinder so that we won’t need to alter anything on our working tool. Thus, once we place the special strimmer line that is used for the factorial strimmer in our grinder, our tool is complete. Activating the grinder, the strimmer line orbits rapidly and cuts the grass that is placed inside. Moreover, in order to make our machine relaxed for the user, we made a belt that can be put on the shoulders and connected with the machine so that the belt and the user’s shoulders will support the weight of the tool to ease the arms and the hands of the user.

Step 3: Video

Finally, spending a very little money and a very few materials, we made an extremely useful tool for our garden.



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    2 years ago

    Using tool a way it isn't designed for without breaking it. Awesome!


    3 years ago

    Wonderful Hack!!! Professionally made.


    3 years ago

    You have done my day thanks, Good job


    3 years ago

    Every day that passes brings us a new use for the angle grinder, well done team!


    3 years ago

    You are my hero!!!!
    This is the real instructables!
    Good job!!! ;-)