Ity Bity Living Space.


Introduction: Ity Bity Living Space.

Right now my husband and I are living in my parents garage, because we don't have money to afford our own place till I am finished with school. We have a 2 year old and a 4 month old, and the space we live in is pretty cramped. If I was to be able to fix up this space in anyway I would try to get some more organization, and hopefully give us more room to move around in. we have hand-me-down furniture, some of which don't open easily enough, especially when holding a baby, and some that are broken in a few places. I love the little black shelf we have but would like more drawers for it, and probably another one to help hold extra clothes for now. We have a tiny living space, and it would be nice to be able to move around a little more. ^-^



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    I have a garage apppartment so my place is probably about the same size except it is just me and a cat. One thing in you favor is that you have one space to work with. My apartment was broken up into three room (front room, bedroom, kitchen/dining area and tiny bathroom) by an idiot. Most of my space is wasted by walls in the wrong places.

    So, first decide how many special purpose areas you need. For example, sleeping area (doubles as relaxation and quiet area), and cooking and dining area (which can double as temporary office and study space). Use furniture that does double duty and fits small spaces. A square table fits into a corner and can be used for dining as well as a surface to place a laptop or physical books and papers. Folding furniture might help as well or if you don't care how it looks, camping furniture.

    I just took a tour of old log cabins and was amazed at how small they were--really your garage is much larger than a real log cabin. The tour guide pointed out the the kids slept in a loft (you can mimic this by using bunk beds) and that people were only inside at night (or in bad weather). During the day, everyone was outside doing stuff. So if you and your kids can spend time outside and use the garage for sleeping, cooking and study, then you can make the space work.

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    you're lucky your parents have such a clean garage. i can't see my stepson and his family living in my garage. it would take a month of sundays to get it half that clean. lol. good job, and good luck!

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    i think you did better than me! pretty creative! i think you could help me!!! LOL! :)

    You've done really well with what you've got and I think IKEA could help accentuate the positive.

    5 Stars, one of my votes and Best of Luck!!!

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