Jack and Julian LED Lamp.




Step 1: List of Materials

•12 LEDs of the color of your choice •12 resistors •PVC pipe, ideally 9 inches •A T-joint • 2 elbow joints •24 wires •2 copper wires

Step 2: Wiring the LEDs

Take the 12 LEDs and wire the resistors on the negative part of the LED, then solder each of the resistors to the LEDs.

Step 3: After Soldering, Combining.

Once we solder the LEDs, we then twist all of the LEDs together and solder them together. Solder the positives with positives, and negatives with negatives.

Step 4: PVC

Take the PVC then and drill two holes on the side. This is for that you are able to feed the wires through the holes so it looks presentable and don't have wires hanging out.

Step 5: Final

After feeding the wires, solder the LEDs to the copper wires. Connect the newly attached LEDs to the PVC using a hot glue gun or just tape. Wire the copper with the USB and you'll have a working LED lamp.



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    6 years ago on Step 5

    Very cool, I think i'm going to try it myself :)