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Introduction: Wire&Rock Jewelry Tree

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a jewelry tree! This is a project that I had the idea for quite some time ago and I'm proud that I was finally able to give it a try. I LOVE wearing earrings, and have felt for some time that they should be better displayed. Also, it's kinda fun to admire the tree each morning while I make my selection.

In this design, the roots of a wire tree are wrapped around a handful of rocks. Originally, I had hoped to collect rocks for the base. Alas these ones were purchased. If you choose to make something like this yourself I'd definitely recommend collecting rocks - it adds so much more meaning and memories to the tree.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you will need:

3 yards of 26 gauge beading wire (gold)

25 ft of 16 gauge soft brass wire ( I used less than this)

rocks ( The ones that I used were polished and meant to be used in vases, I purchased them from the floral department at Safeway)

jewelry tools ( the two I used are pictured in a close-up)

scotch tape

Step 2: Create the Wire Cage

Cut 7 pieces of the the 16 gauge wire. Each of these represents a branch of the tree. Each piece that I cut was approximately 2ft in length. Arrange the pieces so that they all overlap at a point, kind of like what the bottom of a basket looks like. Pinch this point and bend the loops of the wire upwards. Use the 26 gauge wire to tie all of the wires together at their intersection.

Step 3: Make the Base

This step was by far the trickiest part of making this jewelry tree. I found that because the rocks are so small, I needed to create bunches of rocks and then enclose them in the cage. I tried using a hot glue gun but found that the glue didn't stick for long to the rocks. In the end, I actually taped the rocks together. Add pieces of the 26 gauge wire where there are gaps in the roots to reinforce the cage.

You can see from the pictures that I had some company while working on this :) The kitten loved the rocks and batted them around on the couch. I'll probably fine kicking around later....

Step 4: Create the Tree Trunk

Bend the wires up around the rocks. Take both ends of the same wire and wrap them together. You can see that I twisted them together, leaving a few inches at the top untwisted. Then, once you've done this for all of the wires, twist them all together to form the trunk of the tree.

I found that when I did this some of the rocks in the base became dislodged. I choose to finish the branches and then spend some time patching up the base at the end.

Step 5: Create the Branches

Use the rounded jewelry making tool to make the spiral designs at the tips of the branches. I have provided some close-up pictures about what this looks like.

Use the 26 gauge beading wire to add extra branches where you'd like.

Step 6: Add Your Earrings!

Now you're reading to add your jewelry!

Enjoy :)

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    6 years ago

    That is so incredibly creative and looks great!! I'm very impressed.