Joseph Bag


Introduction: Joseph Bag

Not unlike a familiar coat of many colors, these felted wool bags were inspired by an overflowing basket of remnant yarn, tied end to end and then circular knitted into a basic tote tall and one sassy short. Tied yarn ends were left exposed on the exterior of the bag and felted beautifully into rustic nubs seen in the pictures. The tall bag features a magnetic closure and the sassy short version has a zipper...both are expertly lined and detailed. Basic knitting skills and imagination are all that are required. Lion Brand Wool Yarn and other wool yarn remnants.



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    9 Discussions

    Where are the instructions to make this bag?

    Great looking bag! Why don't you just offer the pattern for sale.

    Beautiful! Not enough explanation as to how it is made. I find that people in the craft category often show pictures of finished work, but fail to take the time to actually make an" Instructable" It's disappointing , You obviously have a great deal of talent!

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    Beautiful! I love all the colors and it sounds so simple!!

    Those are gorgeous! This looks like a fabulous use for spare wool, and I love the exposed knotted ends. If I'm brave enough (or have the spare time) to try this, I'll definitely post pictures!