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About: My name is Jonathan Rico, I'm 18 and I live in France.I'm in my first year of an electronics degree. And, the most important, I love robotics and electronics ! I'm currently learning ARM assembly and Android...
01-25-2012 Update: Une présentation du robot en Francais est disponible ICI
06-25-2011 Update : Here's a quick vid of the robot in action :

Hello, this is my very first Instructable, and It's going to be about a robot that I and a friend, Colin, have built these last two weeks (March 1st-12th) for a robotics competition, here in france. The competition is "Eurobot Junior" and was held in Toulouse, Mar 12th. You can find more details at this address :  . I've uploaded a zip file containing the competition rules in PDF and the software used to control the robot at this address : . The robot is powered by an Arduino Mega and is controlled over USB (arduino serial-to-usb) with an usb Joystick plugged into a PC via a little python script running on that PC. In my case, I use an Xbox 360 wireless controller with an usb adapter. I'll upload a video very soon of the robot running. I'm sorry that I can't better document and make step-by-step instructions for the robot, but fortunately, I have a whole bunch of photos of the build process. Here's a short video of the build : (I and my friend are french so the captions in the video are in french). I also apologize for the bad image quality, the photos were taken in low-light conditions with a phone camera. I still hope that this project will give ideas to other people ;) . 



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    If you are allowed to have a remote control in your 'contest' you have it really easy.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    sir plz mail me procedure to make this robo and things reqd ill be thankful to u at


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Okay, well, I just don't have any procedure to replicate this robot, and It's quite an "unfinished" work. I've included enough photos and close-ups that you can easely replicate acrylic parts just by looking at them. However, I can provide you info on where I bought (well my school, not me ^^) some parts, BUT be warned, this robot isn't budget-friendly, it cost us about 500€ ! Anyway, here are some links :
    Tank treads
    Tread sprockets
    Motor hubs
    Motor mounts
    Speed Controller
    Servos (Futaba s3003)
    Arduino Mega
    Missile Launcher

    Voila ! If you want more photos, I still have the robot at home, just ask me ;)