KITTY Litter Pannier!





Introduction: KITTY Litter Pannier!

a more permanent version of a traditional kitty litter pannier for bicycles. especially suited for those who don't want their hard work jacked.

just a few notes:
-this will show you how to make one pannier--for two, pretty much do this twice (i like one permanent hard pannier and another detachable cloth one)

-there are two parts to these instructions, standard and highly recommended (yet optional) reinforcements for the bottom of the bucket

Step 1: Ingredients: Things You Will (undoubtedly) Need.

excluding the price of the bike, rear rack (~ $26), kitty litter bucket (my cats poop a lot), plywood (everyone has some lying around somewhere OR you can get some from the trash near a lumber store or construction site) and tools, this cost me about $8.

- a bicycle with a rear rack
- one kitty litter bucket
- 4 U bolts (saddle clamps would also work) *
- 4 straps*
- 8 washers*
- 8 nuts*
- plywood
- 1 bungee cord -- i used 24" (not necessary, but recommended)

*make sure to measure these for a snug fit (bouncing around isn't a good idea). i used two bolts 7/16 x 2 inches and two 1/2 x 2 inches. straps and nuts came included. the measurements will depend on how you mount the bucket. my smaller measurement was for the bars of the rear rack alone and the other was for the bars plus some of the bucket's lip.

optional bottom reinforcements:
- 1 bungee cord -- i used 36 with a few knots
- 1 eye bolt
- 2 washers
- 2 nuts

- reflectors (unless automotive death is a plan of yours)
- nice stickers and/or propaganda

- drill
- measuring tape
- saw
- stuff to mark (pens, pencils, or markers)

Step 2: Cut, Mark, and Drill (it Helps If You Have 2 People)

first, you will need to cut the plywood to a size conducive to the inside of the bucket. i recommend a slight trapezoidal shape for the type of kitty litter bucketi used that was wider at the top than the bottom.

then you should hold up your bucketagainst the rear rack in the position you want it mounted. take the bolts and put them in the position they will be. mark the spots where you will need to drill.

drill through the plastic, and then position the plywood where it will be (along the side of the bucket), mark through the holes, and drill.

optional bottom reinforcements:
cut the plywood to fit as low as possible in the bucket.

make a hole in the direct center of the of the plywood and plastic bucket.

Step 3: Mount It!

put the bolts around the rack bars and into the plastic and wood. put on the straps, washers, and nuts (in that order). tighten reasonably.

take the bungee cord (24" for my case) and connect it the rack, pull it around the bucket, and connect it to the other end of the rack.

optional bottom reinforcements:
push the plywood to the bottom of the bucket. take the eye bolt and put on the first washer and nut. push through the plastic and wood, then put on the other washer and nut. tighten reasonably.

take one end of the bungee cord and connect put it in the eye. with the other end, go over the top of the bucket, around part of the rack, and back through the eye.

Step 4: Decorate and Carry Stuff

i just put on some reflectors and stickers. you can put almost anything on there. maybe rhinestones?

i am going to try wheat pasting some thin posters. i will let you know how it turns out.




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    6 Discussions

    I buy that kitty litter! Those jugs are so useful. What a great instructable. Of course, I'd have to paint the box a different color.

    Very nice. I am just thinking how it would look on my bike with the labels covered by a bright yellow plasticote spray paint.

    all of the plastic box paniers are nice! I took a heavy cardbord box and slapped on in my rack (not so great but fine for library trips)

    these (and all of the kitty litter/bucket type) look great

    here are two improvements

    1) add panels of foam insulation on alll side to make one side a cooler, you could get very fancy here.

    2) add LED lights if the black plastic is too dark to see contents, or, like your car boot, easy to see at night


    heh... classy! and your bike is a lot less likely to get stolen!

    hey  thanks for your design, can't wait to make some. could anyone recommend a pannier rack? some are so expensive.
    also has anyone found cat litter containers outside the US? i've never seen them and only finding round ones outside cafes etc.
    still looking for some of those containers, only finding round ones...

    1 reply