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Introduction: Keyboard USB Flash Drive Case

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Here is my perfected version of the USB Flash Drive Case. I did not create an Instructable as there are to many out there!

I made this because my roof leaked during a storm and fried my old mac keyboard. I took my 256 mgb drive and replaced the case with a dremel, 2 keys, and some hot glue. I really like the way it turned out and I hope you do to. Take your time with making yours and it will look really nice.

Hope you like it!

Note: The following Instructable was my inspiration:



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    Here is how mine came out. I was following the other instructable ( more closely but thought I would share anyway.


    I just read a similar instructable awhile. Sorry.... But so cool, all the more!!! It just gives me a desire to make it.

    I had done the same thing about a year ago. Instead of using two shift keys bottom to bottom, I used a length of ide cable as a backing. I also used the z key as the cap.

    I'm going to try this with my 2 Gb USB stick and my sleek low profile black keys. Awesome instructable, though it doesn't tell how to make it, but i can figure that one out for myself.

    I want to make this, but i have no idea how to. please make an Instructable on this so i can make it

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    The basic idea is to crack open the original flash drive case, and put the "chip" into the key. Dremel out the whole so it can fit into the key, (and any notches obstructing the drive) apply plenty of hot glue to seal the drive to both sides of the key.

    Hey Luke, nice little mod. It's got a little extra fluff on the edges there, but it gets the job done! Does everyone who sees it ask you where the heck you got it? I always have fun telling people I made mine when I get asked.

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    No, Haven't had a chance to use it in public yet, but my parents won't let me touch their flash drives anymore!

    As I noted above, there was a leak in the roof right above my keyboard. The water fried the board, making half of the keys useless. I took this to my advantage and just popped some off to make this!

    I've just published the instructable about my shift key mod that i did a while back. I like your design but i think the only things i'd say are that the finishing could be improved slightly on the usb end, and the profile is quite big, meaning to say that the use of 2 keyboard keys could mean that when the drive is in a USB port that the adjacent port may be obscured.
    Heres a link to my instructable

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    I agree about the dremel work, It was my first time I've used a dremel and I had to make those cuts on either side just to make sure the drive would fit into it. But for my first time using a dremel in the middle of the night, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I have not had any troubles with it so far with it fitting into a port. The width would be the same with one or two keys. The only problem that would be clear is having the spair key on the bottom, which has been fine so far. You'd have to have a mac air or something for it to be odd. Even then it shouldn't be that much of an issue. It's actually less wide than the standard kingston case. Overall, it might just seem large because of how close I took the pictures. I'm thinking of applying some sort of white putty or something that would fill up those gaps.

    Oh right, interesting time to start your dremel 101 lol. If thats your first time then i'd say you did really well. I'd say puttying the end off would be a good idea, if you use a filler, use something really fine, apply more then you need then sand it back. Difficult to gauge how glossy the keys are, but you could add a clear glaze to the filler or paint them with acryllic paints in white at the end to better match the keys, if neccessary. Good project though.