Kingdom Hearts Keyblade




Hello everybody, this is a wooden Keyblade that i constructed for my sister and subsequenty, for a friend, on comission. I apologize for the ad-hoc construction of this instructable, but i didn't really think to document it's construction.

The images should (hopefully) be sufficient to help you build your own, that is if you are vested in deciphering chicken scribble. =)

This was made from a single sheet of pine, radiatta, i think, and the rod was just a really thick dowel. The head and the hilt were cut using a jig saw.

The "head" of the Keyblade was attatched by first cutting out a section of the rod, which was approximately 121.5 cm long. Then the "head" was placed in the section that was cut out on the rod, and 3 screw holes were pre-drilled. Glue, of the PVA kind, was applied all over and then the 3 screws were screwed in. Then wood filler was put in the joins and where the screw heads were. Then, a good bout of sanding to make it all smooth.

By the way, the little circles on the hilt and the head, i measured them with a compass. I can't remember the exact measurements, but i'm sure you guys can just scribble in your own sized circles.

The "hilt" of the Keyblade was trickier. The gap where the rod has to slide in was cut slightly smaller than needed, and slowly sanded away untill it was a snug fit. Then I "recessed" the 2 top bits in by filing in 2 little recesses for them to sit in. Then everything attatching to the rod in the hilt was attatched with no nails wood bonding agent. Again, like the head, all joins were filled with wood filler to make it as seamless as possible.

I painted it with paint that i picked up at bunnings. In hindsight, i probably should've just used spray paint, as the paint i was using was a bit of a pain in the rear to use. And it gets... sticky, when the temperature rises. And of course, I thorughly sanded it down beforehand.

And there you have it. I hope this has proven usefull if anyone has persued the task of creating their own!  



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    4 Discussions

    really good idea man like it really i will try tomorrow to try it (wish me luck)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I like it! In some versions (like yours) the key 'teeth' are shaped like a crown (others not), is this deliberate allegory?

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I thought so as Kingdom -> Crown, that's how i figured it anyway. That and all the images i searched of the keyblade had the rounded circles in the head.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It's funny, cause that looks completely identical to the keyblade my friend built in high school wood shop.

    I guess great minds think alike; Good Job :P