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About: Not much to say about me except I like to make things. My dream build would have to be a working tricorder but custumized for ghost hunting and other paranormal investigations, which is another hobby of mine.

Being a chef means I get to experiment making new dishes and drinks. Recently a friend threw a "Star Trek" Party and wanted me to make some of the food from "The Star Trek Cookbook", and to also create Star Trek Drinks from the various spin offs. Since I enjoy creating I decided to come up with my own recipes instead of using those that have been published, I wanted my drinks to be as alien as possible.
So here is the first drink Klingon Raktajino. I will try to add a new drink each month time and interest permitting.


Step 1: Ingrediants

It would be kind of hard to make Raktagino with out the ingredients"
1. Espresso Coffee
2. Cinnamon to taste
3 .Four whole cloves
4. Four Allspice pods
5. Dash of Nutmeg
6. Sugar to taste
7. Half packet Powdered Milk

Step 2: Combine

Combine all the ingredients except sugar and powdered milk into a coffee filter.

Step 3: Brew

Brew Raktajino in a Hew-man coffeepot, If you want really strong Raktagino you can double brew it.
Double brewing should only be attempted by the Strongest and Bravest of Warriors!!

Step 4: Add Sugar and Powdered Milk

Add sugar to taste and 1/2 packet powdered milk to a pitcher while raktajino is brewing

Step 5: Mix and Stir

Pour the finished Raktagino into pitcher,then stir to mix coffee,sugar and powdered milk.

Step 6: Pour and Enjoy

Pour your self a cup and enjoy,though it is best drunk while telling stories of past battles with your warrior brothers!

Step 7: NOTES:

If you want to drink your Raktagino in true Deep Space Nine fashon you can order the cups they used from here http://highwave.bigcartel.com/product/hotjo for $12.50 It would make a great addition to any of you who collect Star Trek Props!



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2 days ago

What exactly is a "Half packet of powdered Milk?" I have a gallon bag of powdered milk that makes something like 12 gallons. I use it for cooking recipes that call for milk because I wind up drinking regular milk.


4 years ago on Introduction

Not bad and easy to make. However, since Worf was a fan of prune juice, the warrior drink; I tried a recipe of: strong coffee with a pinch of five spice powder and hot prune juice. To make it alcoholic, I added armagnac, a popular french liquor used with prunes that is a great treat with coffee. No need for cream or sugar. Would likely make a nice syrup when reduced and severed over vanilla ice cream. Raktajino a la mode.

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@LizWhovian @jarodpenn

I'm very happy that you are enjoying the Raktajino! I am thinking that since I am Chef that I might start a web page with recipes for other sci-fi food Some thing like the star trek cook book but for all sci-fi movies and t.v. shows. what do you think?

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4 years ago on Introduction

I found this for my wife some weeks ago and she's been making it for us since then (had to search the conversion of allspice PODS to POWERED, but it we worked it out), This is AMAZING.