Knex Ball Machine Element: the Ball Launcher

Introduction: Knex Ball Machine Element: the Ball Launcher

About: Hey everyone. I'm Thibault Art and my biggest hobby is to build huge machines in K'nex. I like also to draw a lot and take care of my corn snake. On this page you will find K'nex ball machines, K'nex element...

Hello everyone,

Here are instructions for one of the smallest Elements of my latest knex ball machine named PLUTO.

It works 99% of the time and doesn't need a lot of pieces to build it.

You can watch the video above (9 New Knex Elements) to see how it works.

This build contains 1 special piece that you'll need to complete this build (see step 1).

If you don't have one of those newer knex balls that you see on step 5, don't worry, it works with the classic one's as well.

Thanks for building/watching,

Thibault Art

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Step 1: Special Piece You Need:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

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