K'nex Ball Machine: Grid Tower II (Pictures)




About: I like to build with K'nex and Lego.

I built a K'nex ball machine that I call Grid Tower II. It has 1 network and 8 paths. The reason why it is called Grid Tower II is because it was originally based on my previous ball machine Grid Tower, but as I was building it, I decided to make it a castle-themed version of Grid Tower. I designed 2 of Grid Tower's lifts, 1 of its path separators, and 15 of its elements. I also used www139's Versatile Chainsaw Lift twice, and an element from MechanicalCreationMaster
(whom I forgot to credit in the video).

Instructions for the elements

Instructions for the first lift

Instructions for the second lift

I am currently working on instructions for the new path separator.

Click here to see the video, which I am unfortunately unable to post on Instructables.



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    1 year ago

    That's pretty SICK! You must have spent a while on that! I love this!!!!!!

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks! Construction of Grid Tower II spanned about 18 months, but most of that time was actually spent doing other things and not building.