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Hey guys and today I bring you something a little bit different. Many years ago I found instructions for a biplane on a website that doesn't exist anymore but at least I did print of the instructions. Several years later I couldn't find them, thinking that I threw them away by accident and that was it. But would you believe it I found them and decided to share it with everyone on instructables.

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Step 1: Parts List

If you have any trouble or need more pictures just leave a comment and I will get back you ASAP. I strongly advised you to collect all the pieces before you start building. Also I have added a few notes throughout this instructable to make it more easier to understand something if you run into any difficulty.

Green Rods - 183

White Rods - 167

Blue Rods - 44

Yellow Rods - 15

Red Rods - 4

Green Connectors - 20

White Connectors - 33

Blue Connectors - 18

Yellow Connectors - 55

Red Connectors - 97

Purple Connectors - 48

Light Grey Connectors - 26

Dark Grey Connectors - 54

Orange Connectors - 47

Tan Connectors - 10

Tan Connectors (with the little tab cut off) - 1

5.9cm cut Rods - 2

Wheel Hub Small - 6

Wheel Tyre Small - 6

Blue Spacers - 39

Total - 875

Step 2: Propeller

Step 3: Fuselage Part I

Step 4: Wheels

Step 5: Tails Fins & Rudder

Step 6: Fuselage Part II

Step 7: Wings

Step 8: Done

Well done you made it to the end, I do hope you have enjoyed building it.

Thanks for building it, please leave a comment in the box below and subscribe



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    You're welcome! BTW, do you still build with K'NEX? It would be awesome to see you post something new!

    Well Inventor, I really would like to post something new on Instructables again but I just don't have the time anymore as much I would like to get back into it. I still got all of my K'nex, I wouldn't sell it or throw it away.

    Well Monkey, I really like the list of K'nex idea weapons you have given me since firstly they are all WW2 weapons except for the minigun and secondly I really love WW2 weapons. Good luck building them


    4 years ago

    Not going to lie, I've always been a fan of WW1 planes. The only era when the design for planes could differ extremely! Example, Red Barons Triplane. Regardless awesome job!

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah that's pretty sweet! I liked the p38 lightning. WWII had a couple great planes.


    4 years ago

    I love it! very good looking. I mostly build guns, but this is impressive. I favorited. I don't mean to spam, but could you be my first subscriber? It would mean a lot to me. ;)

    1 reply

    Thanks Corgi, I can't see the biplane in your favourites so you might need to try again. I tell you what if you put whichever of my creations you can build in your favourites and do a few reviews, I promise i will subscribe to you. Also would really appreciate if you subscribe to me.